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Launch Dynamic URL MashUP Using Web Service Call Data




Launch URL MashUp from C4C on click of a Button / Link using dynamically captured Contact GUID via a Web Service call from an EC.



Note: - On click from C4C the call is passed to CRM via PI.


  1. C4C to PI à Communication Arrangement( Out Bound Service )
  2. PI to CRM à Integration Setup


Example: - Contact ID 981234 has its respective GUID in CRM system as 005056A9147D1ED4A98AF0746899BA63 and this should be dynamically incorporated into the link.




Step 1:- Create a custom BO with 2 elements and 1 action


  1. Contact ID à Used to retrieve / query  the exact GUID
  2. BP GUID à placeholder to capture the derived GUID


Step 2:- Create an EC using this BO, in addition just add a link field (Rename label to Intraction Summary) from toolbox in order for the user to click a link to launch the mashup.

Contact ID can be hidden using the property Visible = false


Step 3:- Create a PortType Package


Step 4:- Create a PortType Binding ( .PB) using the PortType Package

  Category: - Application Integration


Step 5:- Create a URL MashUp


Select the PortType Binding that was created in step 4


Provide Mashup Name and Description


Place the URL and extract parameters to fetch the placeholders


(Note: - In our example we need the placeholder ID to fill the GUID dynamically)


In ID pass the parameter binding with the Inport parameter name that we craeted in step 3


Click Save à The Mashup ID gets populated on its own just make a note of the same.


Step 6:- Goto the Link properties and bind the mashup with the Mashup ID that was generated automatically in Step 5



Select event arguments and Maintain the mashup ID



Step 7:- Craete an Inport with the InPort parameter à Contact ID data flows dynamically into the EC once the binding is made between the Contact TI and our custom EC using this contact Id we should derive the GUID.


Outport parameter à to fill the GUID and pass to the Inport Parameter of the MashUp that was created in step 3



  1. Create an Event Handler for on click action à on click the mashup should launch


Event handler should consist of 4 operations


  1. BO operation àCreate ( Creates run time instance )
  2. Data Operation à Assign the Contact ID that is fetched at run time into our BO element ZcontactID
  3. BO Action à Call the created action
  4. Sync data container
  5. Fire outport à Fire our EC outport that was creted in step 7



Step 8:- Create communication arrangement in C4C with the WSDL outbound endpoint in advanced settings for the communication arrangement definition ( CSD )


Step 9:- Implement the logic in action to fetch the GUID from Web Service call and assign to the element that we created ZBPGUID, already in step 7 outport we have done the assignment and data flows into mashup


Step 10:- Logic in action


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