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SAP Process Mining by Celonis


The SAP Process Mining software by Celonis helps organizations to discover and visualize all business processes across the enterprise, and analyze operative process data created by IT systems, providing greater business process transparency and optimization. Its highly efficient algorithms can analyze vast amounts of data inside SAP HANA in real-time, contributing to an end-to-end operational intelligence platform.

Business objectives:

  • Gain a holistic, transparent view of enterprise business processes
  • Identify any process deviations or weaknesses
  • Measure and control business processes
  • Remedy cost-intensive or inefficient processes
  • Accelerate process migration to SAP S/4 HANA

System features:

  • Continuous real-time process surveillance and data extraction – customers can enhance their SAP portfolio with event-driven discovery and continuous improvement of end-to-end business processes.
  • Intuitive visualizations of all business processes – customers can visualize actual business processes, resulting in increased usability and reduced manual effort.
  • Real-time process evaluation and ad-hoc analysis queries – customers can optimize process testing and evaluation to accelerate migration projects, like SAP S/4 HANA.
  • Clear and configurable process transparency dashboard – customers can make more rapid decisions based on optimized processes and information.
  • Seamless analysis of Big Data – customers can extend the benefits of their SAP system and the SAP HANA platform with real-time process mining and analysis of vast amounts of data.

Business and IT benefits:

  • Complete transparency and visualization of as-is processes
  • Identification of previously unknown process weaknesses
  • Optimization, harmonization and standardization of processes
  • Accelerated SAP S/4 HANA process migrations
  • Higher process quality and reliability
  • Increased profitability
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