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SAP Business ByDesign

Sending Remittance Advices

Hi together,

I'd like to cover with this document some aspects of outgoing remittance advice in SAP Business ByDesign in terms of automatic and manual issuing, advice required flag, custom e-mail body and other cases where an advice may be sent even if it is not set as required.

Let me start by quoting the ByD documentation: A remittance advice is a message exchanged between payer and payee that automates the clearing of open items by specifying when and how much of which invoices will be paid.

Having that said, the outgoing remittance advice covered here contains the amounts and currency as well as the invoice number of the open items.

Considering that you already have a payment created for the invoices, you can easily trigger the remittance advice manually or automatically

Manual Process:

  1. Payment Management work center.
  2. Payment Monitor view
  3. Highlight the payment and click Create Remittance Advice.

You can highlight several payments and click the button in order to create a batch of advice in one go.

Note that you cannot issue an advice to a payment that has already been Confirmed.

This manual process can be repeated as much as needed. It will not change the payment status (above in Ready for Transfer) just because a manual advice was created. In case you want to change the status, click i.e. Actions for Checks.

Automatic Process:

The automatic process consist of creating a Payment Media Run that will create the media file for the payment and may send a Remittance Advice if required.

In order to create the run:

  1. Go to Payment Management work center.
  2. Go to Payment Media Run view.
  3. Click Payment Media Run.
  4. Fill in the necessary fields and flag the Including Payment Advice checkbox.
  5. Set the run to Active and Schedule the job.

The run will look for payments not yet transferred as per your selection criteria, will create the corresponding media file (and set it to In Transfer) and will create the remittance advice if required as per supplier's master.

To indicate that a Remittance Advice should be send in a payment for a given supplier, you need to set the Remittance Advice Required checkbox in the Financial Data tab of supplier's master data.

After you issue the first remittance advice for a payment, the Advice Status is set to Issued.

If the Remittance Advice Required is set, the Advice Required becomes Yes in the payment order.

Output Channel:

You may set up through which channel the advice will go out.

In the supplier's master data -> Communication tab -> Collaboration sub tab you define the output channel for Remittance Advice Outbound: E-mail, Printer or Fax.

You can further fine-tune the process-integrated output of business documents via activity E-Mail and Fax Settings.

Also, its important to highlight that the output channel can be chosen in the supplier master or via Application and User Management -> Output Channel Selection.

If you have different selection on these sides, the channel selection made via supplier master data is usually the chosen one, nevertheless in order to make sure of the output channel, you may Edit the concerned payment and Click You Can Also -> Edit Output Settings for Remittance Advice. The system shows the Output details for that payment.

Outgoing remittance advice are not stored in the system. This kind of advice is a form template that is generated and can be seen by Editing the payment and Preview -> Advice.

How to customize the e-mail body:

When sending a Remittance Advice via e-mail, you may change the e-mail writing rather than standard.

Via payment monitor, Edit the concerned payment and click You Can Also -> Edit Output Settings for Remittance Advice.

You'll have the option to edit the e-mail body for that payment and advice. Your writing is not saved and will be send only once.

In case you want to change the e-mail body for all the suppliers and remittance advice you have to upload a template in HTML format along with the form template for remittance advice. Please, refer to the below steps in order to upload the template.

  1. Go to Application and User Management work center.
  2. Go to Form Template Maintenance subview.
  3. Find the form template for Remittance Advice
  4. Click Actions -> Create e-mail template and upload the HTML file with the required text.

After that, once the system sends a remittance advice form, the attached e-mail template is sent along, instead of the standard one.

Ref.: 2088886 - How to Change the E-mail Template for Remittance Advice.

Remittance Advice being sent although it's not required:

When you create a payment with reference to many invoices, it might happen that not all invoices can be considered in the memo line of the payment due to memo line restrictions. This means, that some of the invoices would not be considered in the payment's memo line, thus in order to avoid missing an invoice, a payment advice is created, hence the Advice Required is set to true for that given payment.

If the corresponding payment file is created via Payment Media Run, the remittance advice is then triggered, otherwise it has to be sent manually. Note that the Advice Required is an indication that the advice needs to be sent. The system will not abort the payment file creation if the advice is not sent.

With all the above mentioned topics, you should be able to troubleshoot the supplier remittance advice scenario. In case of questions, feel free to post them below. You're also welcome to visit our Financial Management forum.