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JRC Display Connection Info

This Sample works with the JRC version XI and XI R2 This Java Server Pages (JSP) sample application is for use only with the Crystal Reports (CR) Java Reporting Component (JRC). DESCRIPTIONThis sample demonstrates how to change the database that a report uses at runtime in the JRC.NOTES: To help determine what connection properties need to be changed at runtime through code, createa copy of your original report and use the Crystal Reports designer to change this report to new datasourcemanually. Then use the jrc_display_connection_info helper sample to compare the connection information between the original report and the copy of that report pointing at the new datasource. The connection information properties from the output generated by the jrc_display_connection_info sample that are different in the report pointing at the new datasource from the original can then be set through code to help ensure that the database connection properties are changed correctly.

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