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The Edit Layout Functionality Part II - Creating and Assigning Layouts


On the second part of our trilogy we will talk about a functionality that, in my opinion, is one of the best of all in the Adapt Menu. You can create and assign layouts to specific business roles, achieving very specific scenarios!

To reach it you go to Adapt > New Page Layout. Select a name and a description and click on Ok. You have your own and specific layout.
Please notice that "spaces" at the end of the name is not allowed and would lead to errors.

You can make all the necessary changes to this layout as per the Part I of our Trilogy and then click on Adapt > End Layout Changes.

Now we can assign this specific layout to Business Roles by clicking on Adapt > Assign Page Layout:

Business Object: is the object you want to have the changes assigned to, it depends on your need.

Instance Type: are characteristics that change the behaviour of the screen, per example, the Status of an Account.

After doing this, you can hit Save button all the changes you made to your Layout will affect the Users Assigned to the Business Role you selected.

Example Scenario:

To help you guys understand why this is as awesome as I mentioned earlier, I'll give you an example of real scenario applied to a real system.

Let's suppose that, as per your business need, you have a group of users assigned to the same business role that need to be able to edit Accounts, but, should not be able to create Accounts. This scenario is not achievable using the Access Restrictions options available in the system, however, you can achieve it by creating a specific layout to this business role!

If you create a layout and hide the New Button for Account creation on it. All you need to do is assign this layout to your users Business Role. This way they will be able to edit accounts, since they have Written Access to Accounts, but they won't be able to create any since there is no New button to do so!

Nice, huh?

Guys, as usual, let me know if I missed something and please do comment with suggestions or critics!

Best regards,

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