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SAP Cloud for Customer add-ins

The Edit Layout Functionality


SAP Cloud for Customer is a system that allows customers to personalize a lot in order to achieve the best solution to each specific business or scenario. One of the ways of doing this is using the Edit Page Layout functionality. The functionality can be found under the Adapt Menu in the HTML5 client.

But Felipe, what can I do with the Edit Page Layout functionality?

A lot, I'd say!

I'll separate this document in smaller ones, in order to avoid having a huge/ unreadable one.

This will be a trilogy, The Edit Layout Functionality Trilogy!

1 - Editing Layouts;

2 - Creating and Assigning Layouts;

3 - Exporting and Importing Layouts

I hope to have helped!

Please let me know your thought, suggestions or critics on the commentaries!

Best Regards,


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