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Dual Stack: JAVA Stack Removal including Multiple Dialog Instances


Scenario:  Customer was running SAP ECC as dual-stack system. Dual-stack split was mandatory requirement to perform SAP ECC 6.0 EHP7 upgrade.

Customer migrated business processes running on JAVA stack to SAP Fiori!!

Now JAVA stack was good to be uninstalled!

We had 2 options to perform the Dual-Stack Split.

1.Split Dual Stack into ABAP Stack and JAVA Stack

2.Removal of JAVA Stack

We used the "Remove JAVA Stack option", as customer don't need it anymore.

Below are details of JAVA Stack

JAVA stack contains 1 SCS, 1 Central Instance and 3 JAVA application servers.

Currently running JAVA instances can be checked in SM51.

We used "Keep Database option" in SWPM means we just removed the JAVA instance but we didn't delete the JAVA Schema.

We followed below sequence to delete the JAVA Stack and time it took to complete the activities.

1JAVA DB Export1 Hour
2JAVA Central Instance Export30 mins
3Removal of JAVA Central Instance 15 mins
4Removal of Dialog Instance 115 mins
5Removal of Dialog Instance 215 mins
6Removal of Dialog Instance 315 mins
7Removal of SCS instance15 mins

Pre-requisite :

1.Stop JAVA on all the JAVA  nodes using without restart option.

2.Backup the profile directory. (/sapmnt/<SID>/profile/)

1. JAVA DB Export  (Optional) : This step was not mandatory in our scenario.

2.Export of Central Instance (Optional) : It was not mandatory in our scenario.

3.Removal of JAVA- Central Instance

  • j2ee directory will be removed and can be cross verified at OS level.

4. Removal of JAVA Dialog instances : (To delete multiple JAVA dialog instances,repeat this step on each JAVA dialog node.)

Please follow rest screen shots shown in "Point no 3" for Dialog instance removal.

5.Removal of SCS Instance : Last Step

  • All the profile files belonging to SCS instance will be deleted now.

Finally, all the JAVA instances are being removed , can be cross checked from SM51 and now good to start for SAP ECC 6.0  EHP7 Upgrade.

After all steps, please manually cross check parameter j2ee_start = 0 is set in all the profile files.

5.JPG (26903 B)
4.JPG (28348 B)
3.JPG (44071 B)
5.JPG (26903 B)
4.JPG (28348 B)
3.JPG (44071 B)
25.JPG (14418 B)
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