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KBA for Open Item List (FPO4)

Several KBA were created in the last year concerning FPO4 Item List.
This document provide a short overview:

2170848 FI-CA Transaction FPO4: syntax error in include RFKKOP05FRM

2121562 FPO4/FPO1: runtime error DBIF_RSQL_SQL_ERROR ORA-15555 / snapshot too old / rol

2104484 FI-CA Transaction FPO4: extension of the output

2035406 FI-CA transactions FPO1/FPO1P/FPO4/FPO4P: result is different to the general le

2033744 FPO4/FPO4P: Wrong main and sub transaction displayed for a payment document

1872561 Transaktion FPO4: Fehlermeldung DB 634 Variante &1 des Programms RFKKOP04 ist v

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