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V26BDR - Big Data in The Retail Industry Workshop (virtual)


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The virtual workshop comprises a pre-recorded presentation and demo content of three hours duration and the possibility to attend Q&A sessions with subject matter experts on a regular basis in the period of November 2015 to April 2016.

Can you imagine that Retail is an industry where a company may create up to 30 millions of sales records– on an hourly basis? There is a huge potential for Retailers to realize benefits with Big Data, for example, Retail loses over 1.2 trillion $ worldwide due to stock problems. The transactional data exists – now retailers need the business intelligence to fix things and get that revenue.

The series “Big Data in the Retail Industry” has been designed to give an overview to the Retail Industry and the specifics of Big Data Analysis in Retail. For efficient learning practical insight shall be given to real-life use cases. There will be a deep dive into the Engineered Service offering “Deployment of Inventory Diagnostic for Retail (IDR)” powered by BW on HANA. The Service analyzes the root causes for over- and understocks in Retail. Specific User Interface requirements, details of KPI analysis and reference architecture shall be shown. The series will also discuss a pilot project in the area of “In-Store Intelligence / Connected Carts.” Dashboard analysis of physical customer movement and reference architecture shall be presented.

The focus of the workshop is to enable partners, customers and consultants to understand the basic questions and challenges of Big Data in the Retail industry. The goal is to provide a practical insight into Big Data reporting and Big Data innovation of the Retail Industry.


  • Introduction to Retail Industry
  • Current trends and key figures in the Retail Industry
  • Introduction to basic challenges that retailers face in Big Data Projects
  • Introduction to specific challenges that retailers face with Supply Chain KPIs
  • Deep Dive Use Case: “Deployment of Inventory Diagnostics for Retail” incl. reference architecture
  • Deep Dive Use Case: In-Store Intelligence (Connected Carts) incl. reference architecture
  • Lessons Learned from Big Data Projects


  • Recommended: Basic Retail Industry or basic Big Data Solution knowledge

The workshop is open to SAP customers, SAP partners and SAP employees.
The fee for the workshop is 150 €.
If you are interested, please use the attached XML file to enroll and send it filled back to

V26BDR.xml (122255 B)
V26BDR.xml (122568 B)

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