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Using the Freezer Monitoring Tutorial for SAP HANA Smart Data Streaming


The Freezer Monitoring tutorial provides an example of a Smart Data Streaming project that highlights capabilities for complex event processing and close integration with the HANA database.

Some specific features that are demonstrated include:

  1. Configuring the HANA Service which is a new feature of SPS10 and simplifies accessing HANA databases from a streaming project.
  2. Use of the HANA Reference element to do an event driven look up of machine reference data that will be used in the stream processing.
  3. Archiving of raw event data directly to a HANA table using the HANA Output adapter
  4. Calculating a moving average temperature and generating an alert in real time when the average temperature is outside an allowable range
  5. Using pattern matching to detect unexpected power outages and generate a real time alert.
  6. Using CCL script to build Flex elements that record the duration of power outages and maintain a dashboard showing the status of all machines.

To use the Freezer Monitoring tutorial, you will require 2 files. The Freezer Monitoring Tutorial for HANA Smart Data Streaming document contains the tutorial instructions and the Freezer Monitoring Tutorial - Supporting Files is a zip file with the required data and project files.

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