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How to create Registered Products without maintaining Serial ID


Till release 1505 it was not possible to create Registered Products without serial ID .

Starting from release 1508 it's possible to configure the system such that serial ID is not a mandatory attribute .

In Business Configuration open the activity Additional Configurations for Registered Product

Then choose Maintain Registered Product Categories .

Here user can maintain the different categories he/she wants to assign to a Registered Product.

In addition , its also possible to mark Serial ID as optional for a category.

In the example below you can see that for category "S" serial ID is optional whereas for category "C" it's not


When creating a Registered Product if you leave the Registered Product Category field empty then serial ID will be mandatory .

However, if you choose a category for which serial ID is optional then Registered Product can be saved and activated without a serial ID.

Please note that the registered product category field maybe hidden by default and you have to go to Personalize to enable this field.

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