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SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense

How do Advances work in Cloud for Travel ?

1)Workflow related to Advances:


When you submit a Trip request with advances and trip request is approved then the status of trip request changes to approved and an Expense report is created which will be in status "Released for Reimbursement, Advances not cleared"

This works in general when the expense report has dates in the future!

You could see under postings work center that ER is in "Reports ready for posting" and the Journal entry will read as

Employee Credit -Advance amount of 1000

Advance account of Employee debit -Advance amount of 1000

If the user has to modify the expense report, he could reopen the Expense report and add further expenses

TR amount=2000

Advance amount=1000

Expense report advances=1000

Total reimbursed amount including advances =2000

After approval and audit is being done, it appears in Reports ready for posting as

Employee           Credit   - Reimbursement amount of 1000

Cost account -     debit -Expense amount of 2000

Advance account     - Credit- Advances amount of 1000

2)Scenarios related to Advances:


You can claim the advances in a currency other than home currency of the traveler.

During creation of Expense report, the currency used for Advances will be converted into home currency of traveler and the reimbursement amount will be shown in home currency.

3)Advances in case of Non Travel Related Expense Report:


When you create a Non Travel, related Expense Report you have no date besides the actual date. As this is not in the future, Advances are greyed out

Advances entry would be available only for Future dates.

In order to enable the Advances field for entry, follow the below steps:

  1. Open the Non-Travel Related Expense Report.
  2. Add an Expense with Expense Date in Future and Amount as Zero.(This being a dummy change).
  3. Select Add button.

As soon as the Expense with future dates are added, the Advances field is available for entry of amount. Advances Entry would be available only for Future dates in Travel Related Expense Reports as well as Non Travel Related Expense Report.

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