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How to correct the problem regarding window freeze occurring due to closing of Dialog button by clicking on close button ‘X’


When trying to create a comment for a row in the resultant page after executing a Web Template, a popup is shown, 

you can set a comment for this row. If you click the close button 'X' for closing the popup, you will come back to
the report page. Now, if you go to
another row in the report page to set a new comment, then the window freezes.

If you click Ok instead of close button 'X' for closing the popup which you got while trying to create comment, then
it works fine.
Here, it is mentions how to correct the problem related to this window freeze occurring due to closing of Dialog button
clicking on close button ‘X’


To correct the problem related to this window freeze occurring due to closing of Dialog button by clicking on close button ‘X’ .

This error message can occur because of the following reason:
Close button 'X' in the dialog is specific to the DIALOG FRAMEWORK and this close is done through the java script at
the client side and will never be notified to the APPLICATION FRAMEWORK. This means when you click on the input cell in
the analysis item (which is based
on the relevant query which you are using) then it triggers a dialog through
'OPEN_DIALOG_DLG_NEW_DOC' command by the application. So, application will have the state information of this request.
But after this dialog is opened it is been closed with the close 'X' button from the DIALOG FRAMEWORK which is just a java script
function and doesn't triggers a roundtrip to the server because of which the application will not be notified with the dialog close operation.
When we perform the subsequent operation then the application doesn't know the state of
the dialog it triggers a
APPLICATION STATE RESTORE operation to ensure that the application does not become inconsistent by reading all
the existing items and data providers state information till the current request. This must be done in order to keep the application in
the consistent state and this is been designed from the day one.

If the dialog is closed through the 'Ok' button, as this button is part of the APPLICATION FRAMEWORK this operation will be notified to
the application
through the server roundtrip and request and application state information is properly synced and there is no need to restore
the application state as it is already aligned with the APPLICATION FRAMEWORK. This problem comes up only when the application state
restore is been requested on the relevant template you are using has many data providers along with considerable items whose state must
be restored all at once in a single operation when closed through DIALOG FRAMEWORK.

Solution to be followed in this regard:
Add &ALLOW_MULTI_DP_RESET=x at the end of the URL of the relevant Web Template where the problem mentioned here is
occurring which is


and then execute this URL.

Also, check the following explanation:
"Kindly set the RSADMIN parameter named ALLOW_MULTI_DP_RESET and set the value to 'X'.


To add 'ALLOW_MULTI_DP_RESET' parameter in the backend table RSADMIN make use of the ABAP report SAP_RSADMIN_MAINTAIN
through the transaction SE38. This will resolve the issue.

Once the above mentioned parameter is set then there is no need to add this parameter in the URL manually.
Refer the SAP Note 1581923 for more details.

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