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Extracting ABAP DD tables to PowerDesigner without a DB connection


I was redesigning an ABAP based application to a native development on HANA, to do a proof of concept. I had several database objects in ABAP Dictionary, which I didn’t want to have to recreate manually on HANA. So, a good option was importing objects to Sybase PowerDesigner and then generate them in HANA CDS with the nice extension provided by @Martin Donadio(Generating Core Data Services files with Sybase PowerDesigner).

At the same time, by doing this, I’d have an ER model of my application tables, and could create them on HANA.

Sybase PowerDesigner has a nice tool to import objects from SAP Business Suite. However, it’s necessary to have a database user.  As it wasn’t easy for me to reach the DBA to get a user to import, I had to look for other options. As PowerDesigner allows us to import objects from an Excel file, it seemed to me that the best and fastest option would be creating a simple ABAP report to retrieve data from ABAP Data Dictionary and generate in Excel according to PowerDesigner format.

The result is the report in the attached file. Feel free to use and modify it according to your needs. Also if you’ve faced a similar situation and found another solution, you’re comments are welcome.

Hint: to check how to import the Excel generated by the report in PowerDesigner, check SyBooks Online -Importing Objects from Excel Files and SAP DT Academy - How to Import Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets into PowerDesigner - YouTube .

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