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Recognizing SCN's 2015 Featured Contributors


The best contributions on SCN are highlighted in the center rotating Featured Content widget at the top of the SCN homepage. To make sure that these high-value contributions get the well-deserved attention of the whole community, our editors undergo the process of reading through hundreds of posts, hand picking the most valuable ones. The featured content includes trending topics posted by some of our top contributors as well as hidden gems posted by some of our newer members.

This document is categorized quarterly and recognizes the featured contributors of 2015. It also gives the community a quick way to access the best content so far. Thus, with a huge thank you to all the members who created such meaningful material, here is the list of the 2015 featured contributors:

Q1 2015 

@Matthias Steiner

Released: Spring Cloud Connectors for HCP
@Colleen Lee
A review of SCN Careers for 2014
@Jocelyn Dart
From Developer to Solution Architect: Essential...
@John Appleby
How to become a great consultant
@Ajay Maheshwari
Consulting approach, an art we all need to master
@Ravi Sankar Venna
Why faking your CV would hunt you for life?
@Natalia Machado
Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ QM

Former Member
The New SAP Digital Experience is LIVE: See wha...
Thank You SCN Community Managers, Moderators an...
@Sven Denecken
My top 10 predictions for 2015, by @SDenecken
@Tim Clark
With Trillions of Connected Devices, Internet o...
@Kevin Bolster
Creating Effective Business Intelligence - Creator
@Frank Moebius
SAP Business One Solution Certification Purpose...
@Wouter Lemaire
Organize your UI5 project
@Luke Marson
SuccessFactors Training and Certification FAQ
@Mark Finnern
Tune-in to a #SAPtd Tweet Chat with Irfan Khan
@Arif Mohamed Johari
Announcing the Student SAP Mentors Program: Nur...
@Thomas Fiedler
ADT 2.36 - New version of ABAP Development Tool...


@Irfan Khan
Are You Ready for SAP S/4HANA?
Former Member
What SAP S/4HANA Means for CIOs
@Saumil Jyotishi
Fiorifying your ERP System - Ingredients ...
Former Member
UI vs. UX: What a Difference a Letter Makes
@John Appleby
Rajesh Gupta - SAP HANA Distinguished Engineer ...
10 Golden Rules for SAP BW on HANA Migrations
@Archana Shukla
Realizing New Contours in Process Orchestration...
@Susan Galer
Life Without Passwords: IDC's Latest Inno...

Former Member
Future of Community and One Digital Experience
@Rukhshaan Omar
SAP HANA Innovation Award 2015 is back ...
@Gungor Ozcelebi
Top 10 ABAP crimes
@Jeanne Carboni
Future of SCN - Another Update #1DXCOMMDEST
@Ann-Sofie Ruf

Video: Why establish a UI Center of Excellence?...


@Bill McDermott
Unlocking networks: the growing mobile mandate
Former MemberSAP Portal on Smartwatch – Part 1: Pebble
@Tim Clark
How Cyber Attacks Really Happen And What You Ca...
Former Member
Introducing SAP Predictive Analytics 2.0!
@Oliver Kohl
The Long Run
@Josh Waddell
Playing to Win in Wearables
Former Member
SAP Mobile Platform SDK 3.0 SP07 - What is new ?
@Marilyn Pratt
A Vision for Community or Why We Can't Do It Wi...
@Thomas Zurek
Former Member
Starting Early: Getting Girls Ready for High-Te...
@Mauricio Cruz
My biggest mistakes as an ABAP Developer
Former Member
Do It: Navigate the Enterprise Jungle
Former Member
3 Lessons in Digital Transformation

@Owen Pettiford
Why ERP EhP7 is the first step to S/4 HANA - ...

Q2 2015


Andreas Schmitz

Former Member

What is SAP S/4HANA? 13 Questions Answered
Midhun VP

@Midhun VP

3 Steps to Develop and Deploy your Mobile Apps - Everything on Cloud

Thomas Zurek

@Thomas Zurek

S/4HANA and Data Warehousing

Brian Bernard

@Brian Bernard

Goodbye Spaces, Hello World of Tags

Carolyn Coad

Former Member

Top 4 S/4HANA Must-Dos Leading Up to SAPPHIRE 2015

Carl Olofson

Former Member

Analytics and Transactions: Perfect Together

Jeanne Carboni

@Jeanne Carboni

Congratulations, New SAP Mentors, Spring 2015

Susan Galer

@Susan Galer

SAP’s Bernd Leukert Explains S/4HANA Road Map to Digital Transformation: Disrupt Now or Be Disrupted Later

Krysten Gentile

@Krysten Gentile

Are You a Rock Star Blogger?


Tomas Krojzl

@Tomas Krojzl

SAP Sapphire 2015 - Day 1 - Technical point of view

Jeanne Carboni

@Jeanne Carboni

Transformation in Action: SAP Mentors at SAPPHIRE NOW 2015

Irfan Khan

@Irfan Khan

Announcing the Winners of the 2015 SAP HANA Innovation Award

Brenton O'Callaghan

@Brenton O'Callaghan

How we built our IOT on SAP HANA demo for SAPPHIRE 2015

Amit Satoor

@Amit Satoor

In IT Today, Two Heads are Better than One

Lars Breddemann

@Lars Breddemann

Get your data running simple

Priyanka L K

@Priyanka L K

SAP Discovery Services for Application Security


Sameer Patel

Former Member

What Modern CRM Looks Like in a Natively-Digital World

Gabriella Gyoergy

@Gabriella Gyoergy

The (r)evolution of words – blogging on the new #1DXCOMMDEST

Andreas Schmitz

Former Member

SAP S/4HANA: Rethinking Five Steps

David Jonker

@David Jonker

Three Steps to Big Data Leadership

Krysten Gentile

@Krysten Gentile

Are you Addicted to SCN???

Richard Howells

@Richard Howells

The business case for IoT

Nic Smith

@Nic Smith

DataGenius IV Launches! Tell Your Story, Change the World

Idit Herzog

@Idit Herzog

SAP TechEd Las -Vegas & Barcelona, Registration Now Open

Susan Galer

@Susan Galer

How Digitization Transforms Manufacturers into Service Providers

Michael Herzog

Former Member

Cloud is Simple! Part 1, Innovations

Thomas Jung

@Thomas Jung

New Core Data Services Features in SAP HANA 1.0 SPS 10

Paul Kurchina

@Paul Kurchina

Not Just For Manufacturers: How The Internet Of Things Is Getting Real For Every Business

Q3 2015


Former Member

IT Mobile App CompetitionCould you be the next innovator driving digital transformation at SAP?

Joerg Wolf

@Joerg Wolf

SAP S/4HANA cookbook: Guiding you through your implementation

Ian Thain

@Ian Thain

The SAP InnoJam and DemoJam Topics have been announced for SAP TechEd in Las Vegas and Barcelona

Joerg Wolf

@Brigette McInnis-Day

The Simple Truth: Millennials Are Not That Different!

Xiaohua Wang

@Xiaohua Wang

SAP S/4HANA, on-premise edition trial – AVAILABLE NOW!


Bernd Leukert

@Bernd Leukert

Winning the Digital Battle with Simplicity

Michael Alexander Diehl

@Michael Alexander Diehl

Using Technology to Strategically Drive Holistic Risk Management

Bernhard Steigleider

@Bernhard Steigleider

SAP TechEd 2015 – Content Overview & Structure, and some Highlights

Werner Daehn

@Werner Daehn

Hana Adapter SDK - The Open Source Adapters from Github

Harry Blunt

Former Member

Convert information into unique and actionable insight with SAP S/4HANA

Benjamin Kwong

Former Member

A beginner’s guide to skilling up for SAP Fiori and UI5

Jason Cao

@Jason Cao

Community Mentors Keep SAP Relevant

Tobias Hofmann

@Tobias Hofmann

Set up an SAP Afaria 7 test environment

Nadine Huelsen

Former Member

Sometimes, true innovation is a lump of iron


Bernd Leukert

@Bernd Leukert

Doing Innovative Business with SAP S/4HANA

Jin Wong

@Jin Wong

ABAPers: HCP and You

Mike Ettling

Former Member

Performance Management Today - Technology Alone is Not a Substitution for Culture

Paul Taylor

Former Member

Beyond CRM: We are Not in Kansas Anymore

Audrey Stevenson

@Audrey Stevenson

Announcing the SCN Topic Leaders for 2014-2015

Peter Spielvogel

@Peter Spielvogel

SAP Screen Personas and UX sessions at TechEd Las Vegas 2015

Sylvia Santelli

@Sylvia Santelli

Solving a Technology Paradox: Move at the Speed of Innovation, But First Slow Down to Install

Santosh V

@Santosh V

Importance of communication in Design Thinking

Michael Alexander Diehl

@Michael Alexander Diehl

Managing Risk in a Tsunami of Complexity

Q4 2015


Markus Schwarz

Former Member

Your Journey to a Digital Core

Vera Gutbrod

@Vera Gutbrod

Cloud Experiences and SAP Portal at SAP TechEd 2015

Steve Lucas

Former Member

Go Digital or Die - Thoughts on the Digital Transformation

Patrick Colucci

@Patrick Colucci

SAPUI5: What is it and how does it work?

Neil McGovern

@Neil McGovern

Why Cloud-Based Analytics Are Essential for Tomorrow's Business

Paul Kurchina

@Paul Kurchina

What You Missed: 8 Weeks Of Insights That Will Shift Your Perspective On The Internet Of Things

Stefan Kaetker

@Stefan Kaetker

Start Benefitting from SAP Best Practices with SAP Activate Guided Configuration

Bernd Leukert

@Bernd Leukert

SAP TechEd Las Vegas 2015: Four Major Takeaways

Ronald Konijnenburg

@Ronald Konijnenburg

Cloud for Analytics, will it make a difference this time?

Maggie Fox

Former Member

Update: Community and One Digital Experience

Steve Singh

Former Member

What’s the Role of Business Apps and Networks in the Digital Economy?

Tim Clark

@Tim Clark

10 Ways 3D Printing Is Changing The World

Sandra Thimme

@Sandra Thimme

SAP Business Client 6.0: Released!

Markus Ganser

@Markus Ganser

SAP Master Data Governance in 3 Minutes


Ryan Somers

Former Member

Digital Transformation Wins The Battle Vs. Complexity

Derek Klobucher

@Derek Klobucher

VIDEO: How SAP's Bjorn Goerke Became "The Martian" #SATtd

Sven Denecken

@Sven Denecken

SAP S/4HANA - Frequently Asked Questions - Part 8 - 1511 update

Andy Lawrence

@Andy Lawrence

Laying the Foundation to Drive Innovation

James Marland

@James Marland

OLTP and OLAP sign a peace treaty to end the Thirty Years War

Derek Klobucher

@Derek Klobucher

Wrapping Up SAP TechEd 2015 in Barcelona, #SAPtd #VIDEO

Sven Denecken

@Sven Denecken

SAP´s Digital Core

Bernd Leukert

@Bernd Leukert

From Fiction to Functionality: Wearables at Work

Andy Lawrence

@Andy Lawrence

Laying the Foundation to Drive Innovation


Robert Enslin

Former Member

Leading the Way in a Digital World

Ingrid-Helen Arnold

Former Member

Beyond Budgets: The New CIO/CFO Dynamic

Alex Atzberger

Former Member

Five Things to Look Forward to in 2016

Bernd Leukert

@Bernd Leukert

My Take on 2015 (Part I)

Bernd Leukert

@Bernd Leukert

My Take on 2015 (Part II)

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