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How to Add Extension Fields to Standard Queries with Key User Tools (HTML 5)


There is a way to extend SAP queries with Extension Fields by simply using Key User Tools.

If you need to use those fields in the PDI itself you can make use of the "Custom Object References"

I tried this with HTML 5; for Silverlight please look here.

  1. As we use the Key User Tools your Business User should be a Key User.
    This means the "Application and User Management"  work center must be assigned to this user
  2. Go to the UI for which you want to enhance the query.
  3. Switch to Edit Master Layout via the menu
  4. Expand the UI by clicking on Show Advanced Filter so that the individual query parameters are displayed.
  5. On Mouse-Over the Key User functions are displayed.
    Click on the blue sign and chose Add Fields
  6. In the follwoing popup you can add a new field.
    Finally tick the Select checkbox for all those fields you want add to the query and then click on Apply.
  7. Now you see the field(s) at the end of regular query parameters
  8. Finally persist the changes by clicking on End Layout Changes.
  9. To make this visible the normal rules for assiging Business Rules to UIs and users apply.

That's all, folks.


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