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SAP Supplier Relationship Management

SRM: Purchase Order Add/ Delete Schedule Line Functionality

The behavior of add/delete functionality of Purchase Order Schedule Line  is explained below with screenshots to understand how the  PO document and DB tables are updated with the schedule lines information.

1. Add Schedule Line: Create a Purchase Order in SRM. Add  item. Add Schedule lines to item as  below. Order PO:

Go to transaction bbp_pd. Go to item details and copy item Guid.

Go to transaction me23n to view backend PO in ERP system:

The Schedule lines will be updated in backend table EKET.

2. Delete Schedule Line: In SRM Delete 1st schedule line and order PO.

In SRM table , Schedule line Del_Ind will be set to true for the deleted schedule line.

In backend table, hard delete of schedule line will remove the deleted schedule line entry.

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