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Create a CR report based on multiple QAAWS connections


To create a CR report based on multiple Qaaws connections, you can follow the below steps:

Take a backup of Registry before modifying making any changes in it. Refer the KBA: 1323322 - Editing the Windows Registry - Warning

1. Unless and until we add the below parameter in registry, we will not be able to create a CR report based on Qaaws.

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SAP BusinessObjects\Suite XI 4.0\Crystal Reports\DatabaseOptions]


2. Create a new report in Crystal Reports 2013.

3. Choose XML and Web Services for the connections.

4. Check the option "Convert Multi-Occurs to Table" and select the option " Use Web Service Data Source". Click Next.

5. Open the Query As A Web Services tool and create a new Qaaws on which you want  to create a CR report.

6. Copy the URL by clicking To clipboard.

7. Paste the URL in the text box HTTP(s) WSDL URL and click next.

8. Enter the user ID and Password of the connection (blank username and password). Click next.

9. Service, Port and method are automatically filled. Click Finish.

10. Enter any Prompts requested. Set null to Session id, Client Type, Audit Object. Click ok.


11. Select the three tables and drag them to the right from the database expert. Click ok.

12. Click OK to accept the default linking.

13. Click Ok to the Database Warning.

14. The fields will appear in the report. Create a CR report based on the fields you want.

15. Save the report to Enterprise and open it using CMC and BI Launchpad.

16. If you are getting the below error while saving the report to CMC, then save the report locally. Then add it in BI Launchpad using the option: New -> Local Document. Try to access it using the CMC and BI Launchpad and it should work.


17. Add an additional Query as a Web service by going to the Database Expert and creating a new connection of XML and Web Services. Click ok.

Hope this will help.



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