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SAP Benchmark Results Listed


List of known SAP Standard Application Benchmarks with links.  Many of these have recently changed URLs so this this should be useful to those searching for them:

Feel free to edit and add any missed.

About SAP Standard Application Benchmarks

The standardized SAP benchmarking procedure is monitored by the SAP benchmark council made up of representatives of SAP and technology partners involved in benchmarking. This was originally introduced to strengthen quality assurance but can also be used to test and verify scalability, concurrency, power efficiency, and multi-user behavior of system software components, RDBMS, and business applications.

While the majority of benchmarks are run online, the SAP APO, SAP BW, HR (Payroll), PS, Retail, and ISU/CCS Benchmarks are run in the background, and the TRBK Benchmark has both an online section and a batch section.

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