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Error F5 263 in Lockbox - status Post on Account


During the process of Lockbox you may receive the error F5 263 (The difference is too large for clearing) and one of the reasons is you may be trying to pay the invoices in record 4 with different amounts.

For example, you have 3 documents with different or same amount:

Document               Amount

000001                    $ 1,000

000002                    $    500

000003                    $ 2,000

In your Lockbox file you have in record 6 the total amount for the invoices, $ 3,500. In records 4, for each invoice, you have different amounts and expect with the sum of all the invoices you are able to clear the documents, but you receive the error F5 263 and a document is posted on account.

For example:


4001001601 000000001      0000350000                                          

40010016029000000002      0000000000    

40010016029000000002      0000000000

The error is correct based on system design. Lockbox program will not use the first amount and clear all documents/invoice. For this, you have to separate the amount in the invoices correctly according to the documents to be cleared, or use the user exits for lockbox (EXIT_RFEBLB20_001/EXIT_RFEBLB20_002) and change the file.


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