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SAP Labs Latin America participates in Semana da Engenharia at PUCRS

From July 13 to 17, SAP Labs Latin America participated on the Semana da Engenharia at PUCRS. Jucieli Baschirotto and the Recruiting Brand Agents were at the SAP booth to present our company to students, show some of SAP technology, share their experiences as SAP employees and interns and talk about careers in The Best IT Company to Work for in Brazil. During the event, about 55 students visited the booth.

In addition, we offered a mini workshop called: How to model and use a 3D printer. During one hour and a half, Alison Cardoso and Isaque Azevedo presented SAP and covered topics such as 3D printer concepts, applications for 3D printed objects, concepts on how to build using 3D and some of the printer’s basic configurations.

In the end, an object was developed and 3D printed with the students, who had the opportunity to see how it works. Around 50 students attended the session. 

The University Recruiting and the University Alliances teams would like to thank Alison Cardoso, Anna Lyra, Arthur Braga, Isaque Azevedo and Luis Pouey for their help and dedication during the event.

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