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SAP IQ COCKPIT: Shared-Nothing Multiplex - Configuring DAS DBspace

  • Create IQ multiplex(iqmpx1001c, iqmpx1001q1, iqmpx1001q2, iqmpx1001q3, iqmpx1001q4) (
  • Create Logical Server and add logical server to the login policy

      CREATE LOGICAL SERVER "ls1" MEMBERSHIP (FOR LOGICAL COORDINATOR,  "iqmpx1001q2", "iqmpx1001q3", "iqmpx1001q4");


  •   Select New for creating logical server



  • Select Resource for which logical  server will be created.


  • Specify logical server name and logical server policy


  • Confirm Node Membership


  • Refresh Logical Servers


  •     View logical server ls1 in logical Sever pane   





  • Enable DQP in logical server policy





  • If you have a single shared-nothing logical server which includes all multiplex servers (including the coordinator), set the login policy option DEFAULT_LOGICAL_SERVER to the name of this shared-nothing logical server.


For example, if ls1  is the only shared-nothing logical server, and all multiplex servers are members (including the coordinator), execute:


  • Confirm that the DAS listener port is not blocked. Each time the SAP IQ server starts, it assigns a random free port for the DAS listener. Open .stderr and check for DAS Listener stared message


  • Create DAS dbspace using create dbspace wizard


  • Specify Resource Name


  • Specify Logical Server Name  


  • Add dbfiles to DAS dbspace






  • sp_iqdbspace does show logical server for DAS dbpace


  • sp_iqfile: Server name and Mirror to logical file displayed for DAS dbfiles