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SAP Lumira Live - June 2015

June 2015


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What's New in SAP Lumira 1.27
From BW connectivity with the ability to compose stories and share them to the server to exploring Big Data and blending acquired data, SAP Lumira 1.27 is one you don't want to miss. Check out the latest release now.

DataGenius IV Launches! Tell Your Story, Change the World

The DataGenius challenge urges us to demonstrate how we can turn data into meaningful insight. Tackle complex problems with simple solutions and win a combined total of US$10,000 toward an approved charity! Join now.

SAP Lumira MongoDB Data Access Extension

Today there are already SQL connectors for MongoDB, the fastest-growing nonrelational database. For SAP Lumira software specifically, you can download a Simba plugin and start using it to query the data stored in your MongoDB documents with SQL. Learn how.


  • Create a Predictive Calculation
    Learn how to add predictive calculations to a line chart using both SAP Predictive Analytics forecasting and triple exponential smoothing
  • SAP Universe Query Panel
    Install the SAP Universe Query Panel extension and connect to a universe.
  • Connect to MapR Sandbox with Apache Drill
    MapR provides Sandbox environments that we can use as data sources within SAP Lumira to explore Big Data. In this example, we will download the MapR Sandbox with Apache Drill from the MapR Web site and configure it for use with SAP Lumira.


The Changing Role of Data Analysts

Within the computer science and marketing industries, a wide variety of occupations have seen a sharp increase in demand for analysts, even within the span of a year. The demand is specifically for analysts with capabilities in data mining and predictive modeling, and for those who can create data visualizations.

Combating Infectious Diseases
A team within SAP is developing an analytical application to help combat the spread of Ebola. The current outbreak poses a global health and safety threat and requires the help of everyone in order to be contained.

A Real-Time Analysis of Mining in India
DataGenius Nikhil Jannu visualizes mining in India in a throwback post as part of DataGenius IV. Join today!



  • July 7: Getting Started – Let your Data Tell the Story
  • July 8: What's New in SAP Lumira 1.27
  • July 15: Industry-Specific SAP Lumira Extensions by TCS


  • Recording: Taming Big Data with SAP Lumira
  • Recording: SAP Lumira Running on SAP BW: Road Map Update
  • Recording: Creating High-Impact Data Visualization


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