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Transportation Management Missing Functions or User expectations II.

This document is created to summarize the functionalities which are maybe not clear on SAP Transportation Management. These functions are real questions from customers therefore you can see here some concrete examples.

Freight Unit is not splitted

You have a Freight Unit which is created from a Sales Order. The Freight Unit Builidng Rule of the Freight Unit allows to split the items. As the quantity in the created Freight Unit is more than the 'Split Quantity' which is maintained on the FUBR, it is expected to split the FU. However, the FU is not splitted after it is created on TM.

You have to check the item category of the item on your Sales Order. If the item category is schedule-line (SHL), during the FU creation it is checked whether partial delivery is allowed. If it is not allowed (PD_CTRL_CODE of the item is not '1 = Partial Delivery'), it is not possible to split the item during the FU creation.

FB is cancelled when Direct Shipment FWO is unassigned

If you unassign a Direct shipment Forwarding Order from a Freight Booking, after the unassigment the FB is automatically cancelled.

In this case you have to check the consolidation type of the Freight Unit on table /SCMTMS/TOR. If the FU has consolidation type 'Direct Shipment' (CONSOL_TYPE = '01'), after the FU is assigned to the FB, the booking itself becomes a direct shipment document and will be deleted when all freight units are removed.

Manually entered dates are not saved on the Freight Order/Booking

You have a Freight Order or Booking and a Freight Unit which is created from ERP (from Sales Order, DTR, etc.) You assign the FU to the FO/FB. The arrival and departure dates are updated on the FO/FB from the FU. After changing the dates on the FO/FB the dates automatically changing back to the original dates after saving the FO/FB.

In this case you have to check the customizing of the FO/FB type. If DEF_CHACO is maintained as 'Default Change Strategy', after saving the FO/FB this strategy performs a rescheduling and the dates change back to the original dates.
You can find more information about the DEF_CHACO and the change strategies on the following URL:

Net weight is not populated on Freight Unit UI

You have a Freight Unit which was created from a Sales Order or Puchase Order (Sales/Purchasing Order -> Order-based Transportation Requirement -> Freight Unit). On the OTR both of the gross weight and the net weight are displayed however on the Freight Unit 'General Data' tab only the 'Gross weight' is populated, 'Net Weight' is blank.

This can be caused because on the relevant Freight Unit Builidng Rule 'Gross Weight' is maintained as 'Planning Quantity' therefore the sum of the items will only be built for this quantity. If the expectation is to display the 'Net Weight' on the FU header level, 'Net Weight' needs to be added to 'Planning Quantities'.
Please note that it is not possible to add net weight and gross weight to planning quantities as only one quantity of dimension mass is allowed.