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Monitoring a pattern based job in Job Monitoring


About Job Monitoring

The Job Monitoring is used for the proactive monitoring of business critical jobs/ BW Process Chains to ensure the business is running smooth. The jobs shall be configured from Managed System as well as from the external scheduler.

Notes to be implemented

Before configuring the Monitored Objects in Job Monitoring, please make sure the notes are implemented in the Managed/ Satellite system as well as in the Solution Manager system. Please refer the below blog to know more about notes.

Pattern based job

The Monitored Object which enables you to monitor a set of job which follows the specific pattern on the Job Name or the Program Name or the user. The below are the instances,

Job Name




The configuration of a pattern based job would report all the job instances which caters to the pattern.

There are some best recommendations to configure a pattern based job,

  1. Monitoring all the Jobs with Z* or Y* or * is strictly NOT RECOMMENDED. This would increase the load of the unified job data collector which runs in the managed system.
  2. Identify a job which runs for a specific business process & configure. For example, ZHR_PAYROLL* or ZSD_QUOTE*
  3. The start procedure of a job must be “use job start condition”. This field is part of identification section in the step 5.1.
  4. The step count must be non-zero
  5. The following are the relevant metrics for pattern based job
    1. Status (Cancelation)
    2. Start Delay

               Reason: As different jobs are taken into consideration during the runtime, the same duration or End Delay or Job Log may not be applicable for all                                   the jobs.

   6. To get the alerts as early as possible, reduce the data collection frequency. The minimum data collection frequency possible is 5 minutes

How to configure a pattern based job:

Step 1: Transaction Code: SOLMAN_SETUP

>> Technical Monitoring
>> BI and Job Monitoring
>> Job Monitoring
>> Step – 5 (Define Scope)
>> Select a scenario and navigate to the step 5.1

Step 2: Configure a job

before configuring the job, verify whether jobs are running with the pattern

Please note some of the important parameters below,

Adding a pattern based Monitored Object directly

>> Add Jobs >> Directly
>> This is possible only for ABAP Jobs

Pattern supported Job types

Pattern supported?


SBOB (Business Objects) Jobs

SAP Data Services Jobs

BW Process Chains

From Managed System





From External Scheduler





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