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SAP API Management - Cloud Technical Brief


SAP Technical Brief

SAP HANA® Solution Integration/Orchestration

SAP® API Management

With the release of the anticipated SAP API Management, powered by HANA Cloud Platform, in June 2015, SAP has solidified another piece of the Cloud Puzzle, helping prepare you for the new Digital Economy. For a brief look under the hood, so to speak, please take a look at the provided Technical Brief.

To View/Save the PDF of the Technical Brief: SAP API Management Technical Brief

For a Preview of the document, please see below:


What are the objectives of SAP API Management?

What Solutions does SAP API Management provide?

What are some benefits unique to SAP API Management?

Quick overview of the SAP API Management solution.

For more extensive information, please visit our new page on the HCP site:

SAP HANA Cloud Platform API Management

or take a look at the presentation prepared here:

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