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Get a (Learning) Room: Follow our learning room blog series


With the 70:20:10 learning model becoming something of an industry standard, the importance of social learning as a concept is growing all the time. For anyone not too familiar with the concept, you can read more about it here but in essence, the model says that only 10% of learning people do is formal, the rest of someone’s learning is through informal learning and by learning from other people.

With traditional learning programmes that rely solely on formal training, this can clearly leave a potential gap - SAP Learning Hub is SAP Education’s solution to this problem.  For those not familiar with SAP Learning Hub, you can find out about it's mix of content, social learning and system access as well as the different editions available here.

As opposed to MOOCs - Massive Open Online Courses, SAP Learning Hub uses SPOCs - Small Private Online Courses, to facilitate informal learning and learning from others.   These SPOCs are referred to as learning rooms within SAP Learning Hub and offer the ideal social and informal learning opportunities to support the formal content included as standard. For more information on our learning rooms, please take a look at the Infosheet

(Please note, SPOCs are not to be confused with the Star Trek character, although it could be said SAP Learning Hub boldly goes where no SAP learning solution has gone before.)

Starting with SAP S/4HANA on the 5th August and continuing over the next seven weeks, we will be featuring blogs from learning room moderators and experts to give you an insight into the value and skills you can gain from a learning room as part of your SAP Learning Hub subscription as well as some real life tips and tricks.  We will be adding these blogs below over the following weeks so please bookmark this page for future reference, read the blogs and join in the discussions.

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