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How and when close an Implementation Project


I've seen several people having doubts and receiving errors while closing implementation projects in Business Configuration.

The purpose of this document is to explain how this process works and when the user should close the project.


Actually closing a project is the final action after you successfully implemented the configurations that you have done in the project. Close can be seen as the final action at the end of the lifecycle. After closing a project it can't be changed anymore and exists only for reference purposes. It is also not displayed anymore in the default list of projects. Close is an activity in the Activity List of a project. You can find it in Go-Live tab of your project. All other activities have to be done, before Close can be executed.

If you have started a change project but you don't want to proceed with what you have already done, you cancel it. This means that you end it before you actually went through all the activities. Cancel is an action at the overview page of a change project.

To cancel the project, you just need to click on title of your implementation project and select the option under button action.

Closing the First/Initial Implementation Project

An implementation project can only be closed after the Go Live Activity is executed. There is sometimes confusion when looking at the Activity List's Go Live tab: it contains the Close activity together with three other activities and since the status of the Close activity is open even after Go Live, the Go Live tab shows 75% completion before Close can be executed. People sometimes think, that the Go Live is not complete, but actually just the number of activities in the Go Life tab of the Activity List is counted here.

So don't be confused: Close is never a precondition for Go Live, it always comes after that!

Closing Change Projects

Local Change projects in Production Tenant

Generally you can close a Change Project after all other activities are completed. In many cases this means, after you have merged it , but there can be situation in which Close is not yet possible because there are still activities open:

  • Activate Solution Capabilities
  • Data Migration or other activities that have to be done after the Merge

Activate Solution Capabilities

Depending on the business configuration changes that have been done in the change project, you might get an activity Activate Solution Capabilities after you have merged the project. You may have already completed this action before the Merge but it opens again.

This is a special activity that switches on the communication/integration capabilites of newly scoped components. Before they might be visible on the UI, but they are not sending messages. This is to allow creation of necessary data using the new UIs before actually the features are functional.

So, after merging a change project, check if the Activate Solution Capabilities activity is opened. Without closing it, you will not be able to close the project.

Data Migration and Other Activities

Beside Activate Solution Capabilities, the activities flagged as Repetition Required as Yes in activity list might be open after Merge.

They also have to be completed. You actually don't need to do something in those activities (only if you want), but you have to close them again after merge.

Change Projects in Test Tenants

After a remote change project is actually Merged back to the production tenant, the same rules apply to the Change Project in the production tenant as for local Change Projects (see above section).

The active project in the Test Tenant shows status Merged after the merge. This is the final state here. Just leave it in that status. Closing this is not possible and doesn't make sense here.

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