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Analysis of BI Extraction Order for the IS-U Sales Statistic

(How to use transaction EBW_SS_MON to analyse the extraction of reconciliation keys in your system)

1. Starting Transaction EBW_SS_MON

Transaction EBW_SS_MON will show this Selection screen with the following Selection Criteria:

2. Group Extraction

Using the Group Extraction, you will get all the Trigger (Reconciliation Keys) created during invoicing, which are waiting for the next Delta Extraction. With Note 1966568 and 1964400 we provide a new Trigger- Table to manage the Delta Extraction. This Table is DBWESTA_BWTRIG. If you have Entries in the old Trigger Table DBESTA_BWPROT left, they will be copied by running this report, doesn’t matter which Source you selected.
With this Source Selection you will get an overview how many and which Reconciliation Keys are ready to be transferred to BI.

2.1. Fields which are shown in the monitor

  After running the Group Extraction the following monitor is shown:

No we will go thru every Column

  1. Which Data Source was used to extract the data. If you are only using one Data Source it doesn’t matter, but if you are extracting data with 0UC_SALES_STATS_02 and 0UC_SALES_STATS_03 it is needful which data are belonging to which Data Source.
  2. The Reconciliation Key which should extracted.
  3. Status of the Reconciliation Key, showing if the Key is closed or not.
  4. Posting Date which is used.
  5. Date when the Document belonging to this Reconciliation Key was created.
  6. FMode means the Update Mode, so you see a D for Delta Extraction.
  7. BW Status tells you if the transfer just begun or if the Transfer did not start yet.
  8. If the Transfer started and did not end, this field shows the last transferred document.
  9. InitStatus, shows that the initialization matches the dates of the Reconciliation Key, which means is the Key and the documents are in the time range of the init send from the BI system.
  10. If you click on this symbol, you will see all documents belonging to the Reconciliation Key.
  11. With this Button you can start a simulation of the transfer.
  12. After the simulation runs you will see a log for the simulation and you can show it by clicking on the symbol of the log.

3. Individual Extraction

The individual Extraction is to check if there are any Reconciliation Keys not transferred because of a failure during the extraction. From technical point of view, this shows all entries from table DBESTA_BWTRIGE. If there are entries in table DBESTA_BWPROTE left, which was used before, they will copied with this transaction.

3.1. Fields which are shown in the monitor

No we will go thru every Column

  1. Data Source which is used for the extraction.
  2. Which Reconciliation Key is used.
  3. Status of the Reconciliation Key (is the Key closed or still opend).
  4. Posting Date of the created Documents
  5. Print Document Number, which fails.
  6. Which Business Partner was used in the Print Document.
  7. Used Contract Account.
  8. The program checks whether the Document is within the initialized Period of the used Data Source. If yes, you will see a green light, if no a red one.
  9. Button to start a simulation of the transfer, to see what the problem is or if the problem still exist.
  10. After the simulation runs, you will find a log in this column.
  11. Total Amount from the Print Document.
  12. With which Currency was the Print Document posted.
  13. If we have a real document, this field is checked otherwise
  14. The field “Document simulated” is checked.
  15. This field is only filled if we have a reversal document. Then you will see the document number from the original Print Document in this field.

4. Extraction History

Last but not least you have the possibility to show the extraction history, means which Reconciliation Keys were extracted before. Let’s check which fields are shown with this option.

  1. Data Source which is used for the extraction.
  2. Which Reconciliation Key is used.
  3. Posting Date of the created Documents.
  4. Date when the Documents were created.
  5. If you hit the expand icon you get more information about the extracted document, like Business Partner and Contract Account.
  6. Possibility to run a Simulation.
  7. After the Simulation run the Application log is filled and shown within this field.
  8. Request which transferred the data to BI.
  9. Status information about the extraction and the Trigger.
  10. Extraction Date.
  11. Extraction Time.
  12. How long does it took to extract.
  13. Print Document from.
  14. Print Document to.
  15. How many Billing Documents are included.
  16. How many Error were thrown.

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