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SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform

BI@AWS 01 : Sizing you SAP BusinessObjects BI4.x system for AWS Deployments


Sizing you SAP BusinessObjects BI4.x system for AWS Deployments

This document is part of the series Getting Started with SAP BusinessObjects BI4.x on AWS

SAP BusinessObjects BI4.x is being certified and supported for deployments on various Cloud Solutions, via this document we provide you the required sizing recommendations before you start deploying SAP BusinessObjects BI4.1 on Amazon Web Services.

Supported Cloud Offerings for SAP BusinessObjects BI4.x

Current SAP BusinessObjects BI4.1 is being certified and supported on the following Cloud Solutions:

  1. SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC)
  2. Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  3. Microsoft Azure

This document will focus on deploying SAP BusinessObjects BI4.x on an AWS Instance and refer to relevant pre-read documentation to ensure your AWS instance is well prepared for deploying SAP Software.

Sizing your AWS deployment for BI4.x

For a deployment of SAP BusinessObjects BI4.x there is no difference in sizing an on-premise solution, it is strongly recommended to execute a full sizing of your planned deployment by leveraging the content provided in Sizing and Deploying SAP BI 4 and SAP Lumira

As the sizing definition for your SAP BusinessObjects BI4.x system will be provided in a number of SAPS, you do have to validate the instance configuration of the EC2 systems with the number of SAPS provisioned by the AWS instance. An nice overview over translating the ECU's of AWS into SAPS can be found here : BI in the cloud: sizing SAPS and ECUs on AWS servers

Additional interesting food for your brains before starting you SAP BusinessObjects BI4.x deployment on AWS

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