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Customize OWP Workflow text in GRC Process Control 10.1


Offline Workflow Process is used to process Workflow tasks offline through email and submit back to GRC Process Control system for further processing.

In GRC Process Conrol 10.1, OWP workflow text does not contain information about relevant Organization,Subprocess, Control,Period and Year of

assessment. But there is a flexibiltity to include this information, as these parameters are contained in OWP exit class responsible for sending OWP workflow.

This functionality shall be available in Support package assembly only.

However if customer want to include the functionality :

Modify the document 'GRFN_OWP_DELIVER; responsible for sending the workflow text.

Execute transaction SE61 and chose the document class as 'general text'.

Select the document 'GRFN_OWP_DELIVER' and chose to change the object :

You might change the general text to below (example)Workflow text:

Dear Colleague,

Please complete this task on or befor due date: %DUE_DATE%




Period and Year:%PERIOD_YEAR%

Open and complete the attached form. Submit it and send the resulting email.


GRC Team

Save and activate the changes under suitable correction request to reflect the changes in OWP Workflow text.

Customer enhancement for change in the message class 0FN_OWP_DELIVER is required or we need to wait for Support Package11 assembly.

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