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SAP Supplier Relationship Management

Process automation for follow-on documents

In SRM 7.03 SP07 a new field ‘Follow-on document indicator’ has been introduced for shopping cart item. It is now possible for the Purchaser to decide which follow-on document should be created out of the shopping cart item.The item is forwarded to SRM Sourcing Cockpit and from there the purchaser has to create the follow-on document based on the follow-on document indicator set at SC item level. There is no automatic follow-on document creation possible for these SC items.


This feature gives an option for the user to automatically create the follow on document for Shopping Cart items based on the follow-on document indicator.

A new indicator 'Aut. Creation of Follow-on Document' is introduced as sourcing indicator for product categories. This indicator is relevant for Process Automation.

In Shopping Cart item details, the following filed can be used to mention the follow-on document type.

The report BBP_SC_TRANSFER_GROUPED can be executed to handle the automatic creation of follow on document based on the following document indicator in the shopping cart. The radio button, Follow-on Documents needs to be selected. This report can also be scheduled to run periodically.


To use the feature, you have to first activate the Business Function SRM_CONT_IMPR_3 and then activate the Customizing switch Process Automation for Follow-on Documents(SRM_703_AUTOMATIC_FOLLOW_ON) under SRM Server Next navigation step Sourcing Next navigation step Activate/Deactivate Process Automation for Follow-on Documents..

The sourcing indicator for product categories can be set under the customizing node: SRM Server Next navigation step Sourcing Next navigation step Define Sourcing for Product Categories

For complete details about SAP SRM 7.03 refer: SAP SRM 7.03

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