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SAP IQ Cockpit - Installing Multiplex


SAP IQ database can be created by connecting to already running IQ server or utility server . Connect to SAP IQ cockpit , click the EXPLORE tab.  In left pane click on IQ Servers -> Actions -> Create  Database

Click Add on Create Database Wizard

Specify SAP IQ Cockpit Agent and Database information

If required Char collation different than ISO_BINENG, click SELECT

Select CHAR Collation and click OK

Click OK to create IQ server

Click Next

Click Execute

Monitor  CREATE DATABASE Progress

Click  Close

Log out of SAP IQ Cockpit

Connect to SAP IQ Cockpit and select newly created IQ server iqmpx1001c from system field, supply login credentials

Click EXPLORE TAB , on left pane click IQ  Servers

In the right pane, select the simplex IQ server , click the arrow to the right of the IQ server name and  select Add Secondary Node, 'Add Secondary Node' will be visible only if IQ Cockpit Agent have been registered and authenticated.

Specify information for the Secondary Node to added and added to simplex IQ server, Click Add to create a Server definition

Specify  Multplex Name

Specify IQ Cockpit Agent information and database information

Click OK  to create Secondary Node

Click Next

Click Execute to start adding secondary node

Monitor Progress

When done, click close

SAP IQ Cockpit , IQ servers pane will show simplex server. Mulitplex Servers folder will  be empty. log out of IQ Cockpit

From System field select  Coordinator server and supply credentials

Monitor tab will show monitoring information for all multiplex nodes

Click on EXPLORE tab,  on left pane click on IQ Servers and then Multiplex Mangement and then click on Multiplex servers, on right pane you will see Multiplex nodes

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