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Project Stock Order


During the execution of a project, you may need to source materials from your own inventories and it can be allocated in three different ways:

  1. Consumption at Site: In this scenario, the project consumes the materials from a particular site.
  2. Pick-Up: In this scenario, materials are carried to the site of consumption by the person responsible for it.
  3. Pre-Delivery: In this scenario, the materials are pre-delivered to the site of consumption.

Follow the below document for master data settings, executing the scenario, references and common issues faced.

  1. Master data
  2. Executing the scenario.
  3. Returns in Project Stock Order.
  4. References.
  5. Common Issues.

1. Master Data

1.A Scoping

To source the materials from stock, the Sourcing Materials from Stock business option must be selected in your solution configuration.

1.Go to Business Configuration work center. and Choose the Implementation Projects view.

2.Choose Project and Choose Edit Project Scope button.

3.Go to Step 3 - Scoping -> Project Management ->Project Planning and Execution->Project Stock Consumption here choose the Check Box to scope Project Stock Consumption.

4.Go to Step 4 - Questions -> here enable the question Do you want to use project stock orders to source material from stock, for consumption during a roject?.

5.Complete all the steps until Confirm to save the changes made in system.

1.B Logistics use

you will need to assign the appropriate logistics use to your logistics area to make this available as ship from location in your project stock order.

Consumption at site - Assign logistics use Project Stock for the ship-from site before it uses it for a project stock order in Consumption at Site scenario.

Pick-upĀ  - Assign logistics use Project Stock for the ship-from site before it uses it for a project stock order in Pick-up scenario.

2. Executing the Scenario

2. A)To source a material from your own stock, you need to select the From Stock checkbox while planning for the material needed in the project.

2.B) select this material and request for it by creating a project stock order under the Product Overview sub-tab under the Products tab . You can then subsequently view the details of your project stock orders under the Project Stock Orders sub-tab.

2.C) Creates a customer demand corresponding to the order, and performs an Available-To-Promise (ATP) check. You can verify the availability of the material and release the customer demand.

2.D) In delivery proposal view of outbound logistics,

You should allocate material to the project in Consumption at Site scenario


In the Pick-up and Pre-Delivery scenarios, release the outbound delivery.

note :

2.E) Use the allocated materials in the project by consuming the materials allocated to your project or project task.

2.F) The quantities consumed against the project stock order can be invoiced by creating a project invoice request manually or automatic.

3. Returns in project stock order

3.A) Consumption at Site

If you are not consuming the full quantity but returning the allocated quantity , you need to perform the goods movement as shown below by providing all mandatory information.

Provide target logistics area ID

Finish the goods movement

3.B) Pick-up Scenario

The return scenario is very similar to consumption at site scenario.

Note : Earlier you would have made actual good issue (with or without task) from delivery proposal view to a logistics area which has the logistics use Movable Storage. You have move the stock from the same to LOA of your choice

3. C) Pre-delivered Stock Scenario

First we will have to un-tag the particular product which was delivered earlier from the project and then perform the normal part return.

Path : Physical inventory ----> Change of Pre-delivered stock

Note : At the end of this activity stock type 'Pre-Delivered' will be removed.

Then perform a normal part return notification using the following option

note : This New parts return notification is available if service is scoped in business configuration.

4. References

In the Help Center you can find the following document which can be followed which will explain further into this scenario

Ship-From Determination and Shipment Scheduling for Customer Demand

Sourcing Material from Stock for Projects

Materials in Projects

Delivery Control Quick Guide

Maintaining Projects - Products

5. Common Issues

Please check below some case documents that may help you to solve issue that can affect this scenario

2038616 - Error Message : Project stock order not created; all materials are non stock

2090631 - The Source of Supply Cannot be Determined; check the Sourcing-Relevant Master Data

2218434 - Operation Not Possible; Project stock usage logistics area XYZ not allowed

Note : If the period of delivery date of the outbound delivery is blocked, when you choose consume in project stock order it would end up in a process communication error.

- Project Stock Order XYZ cannot create a goods and activity confirmation

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