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SAP Suite Extensibility in HCP: Innovate, Integrate, Accelerate


1. Innovate - Anytime - Anywhere

2. SAP HCP LoB Applications - Suite innovations consumable outside the upgrade / release/ enhancement pack cycle(s)

3. Prepackaged Integrations

4. Accelerate road to S/4HANA with SAP HANA Cloud Platform

HCP SAP HANA Cloud Platform is the default opportunity to extend SaaS applications like S/4HANA CE (Cloud Edition) or Business Network applications like Ariba, Fieldglass and Concur, but why would I use HCP for S/4HANA on premise, or Suite on HANA or Suite on AnyDB extensions?

SAP HANA Cloud Platform is the perfect companion for S/4HANA to enable an Enterprise Architecture of Innovation

1. Innovate - Anytime - Anywhere
In traditional on premise deployments, customers were able to deploy innovations once or maybe twice a year to a productive ERP system using release windows. This required RICEF's, change requests, transports and extensive testing across the 5 +1 system landscape (Production support environment: (DEV, QA, PRD), Release environment: (DEV, QA) + SBX).
With PaaS capabilities in HCP, customers and partners can deploy agile software development -DevOps - processes in a side car in the cloud next to the highly restrictive governed ERP on-premise production instance for Suite on AnyDB, Suite on HANA and S/4HANA) or non-modifiable SaaS deployments in areas like for example:

  • UXaaS - User Experience
  • SAP HANA Cloud Platform is the agile platform for Fiori
    • De-couple the UX development from the stable core and the restrictive ERP governance process
    • Leverage cloud services to extend and develop SAP Fiori apps in the SAP HANA Cloud Platform
    • HCP enables ONE UX across all on-premise, cloud and Business Network applications
    • using
      • Fiori CE Cloud Edition
      • SAP WEB IDE
      • Cloud Portal
      • Mobile Device Management as a Service

Picture from the Open SAP course: Implementation of SAP S/4HANA

  • Collaboration
    • Jam
    • Mobile App development
    • Security for mobile devices and apps
    • Mobile Documents

  • BIaaS - Analytics
  • SAP HCP supports all SAP HANA Platform analytical capabilities in the cloud and runs SAP BusinessObject Cliud Edition
    • Agile HANA data marts in HCP
      • SAP HANA Live for ECC on AnyDB deployments
      • Agile BI self-service outside mission critical system governance including "Big Data" capabilities
      • Combine data from SAP Suite applications (on premsie and cloud) with data from SAP Cloud Applications, SAP Business Network and non-SAP applications and sources
    • Predictive Services in HCP as KXCEN/Infinite Insight
    • Text Analysis
    • Unstructured data storage and analysis

  • Digital (IoT Services)
  • Transforms your System of Record to System of Engagement
    • Connect to sensor data
      • persisted in HCP
      • virtually via SDI Smart Data Integration
    • API to consume IoT services
    • Remote data sync services
    • Remote Device Management

2. SAP HCP LoB Applications - Suite innovations consumable outside the upgrade / release/ enhancement pack cycle(s)

SAP Hana Cloud Platform LoB apps allow you to consume SAP innovations outside the traditional deployment/implementation path. Where the FI HCP app RealSpend requires S/4AHAN Finance (min sFIN 2.0), other HCP LoB apps like the example below run on ECC 6.0.

HANA Cloud Platform Apps for Receivables Management - YouTube

3. Prepackaged Integrations

Pre-Packaged Integrations are SAP standard delivered integrations services in SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

The (currently ) called iFlows between SAP Business Suite and SAP Cloud Applications and SAP Business network

are part of the SAP HANA Cloud Integration services: Content Hub in SAP HCP-HCI

Using SAP Hana Cloud Integration (HCI) with SAP Cloud Connector

Migration of Classical and ICO scenarios to IFlows

Whitepaper: Integration Capabilities of SAP S/4HANA to SAP Cloud Solutions

Overview: SAP HANA Cloud Platform Integration Services: When to use which tool

SAP HANA Cloud Platform Developer Center


4. Accelerate road to S/4HANA with SAP HANA Cloud Platform

  1. HCP accelerates S/4HANA conversions
    Separate existing modifications in mode 1 and 2 prior to conversion and Keep the stable core clean and lean for S/4 conversion
  2. HCP fast-tracks greenfield implementations
    Keeping the new stable core clean and lean from the start

As part of a migration and conversion project, every custom code development/modification needs to be analyzed if still required and if yes, optimized for HANA db processing (SoH and S/4) and S/4HANA data model simplification. HCP offers the opportunity to streamline the future SoH and S/4HANA deployment by moving the required enhancements outside the highly restricted ERP governance process into the cloud-based PaaS environment of HCP.
Means: The SAP S/4HANA on-premise core system remains “clean” and can be quickly and easily updated when new innovations are added quarterly. (quote: S/4HANA FAQ)

What are the S/4HANA capabilities to support customer and partner extensions, customization and modifications?

In general with S/4HANA, SAP suggests to differentiate between in-app (in S/4HANA) and side-by-side (ex-app in HCP) extensions. This SAP white paper provides insights and guidance:

"Extensibility covers a broad spectrum of topics that allows customers and partners to adapt standard business software to their business needs. It ranges from business configuration; layout adaptation of user interface (UI), forms, and reports; custom fields and logic; integration; and custom terminology and translation to customer-specific applications. Extensibility in theSAP® S/4HANA can be categorized into two main parts: side-by-side extensibility through SAP HANA® Cloud Platform, and in-app extensibility through built-in capabilities"

Obviously the focus for the cloud edition is on ex-app extensibility to maximize SaaS capabilities, whereas for the on premise edition SAP continues to offer all traditional modification, custom coding (z-nnn) and customization capabilities as well.

SAP LT or SLT and HCI are used to connect between on premise, cloud edition and HCP and HEC.

For more background and different view points, please see also these discussions/pages

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Mastering SAP Technologies 2015 Melbourne and especially the corresponding comment section (over 100 comments and counting), where for example @Bjoern Goerke;provides additional information.