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BW Business Explorer (SAP BEx)

How to create a variable with default value in query


When executing a query you want the variable screen to come up with default value.


You execute the query, variable screen comes up but it has no value by default. You want the variable screen to show default value which you want.

Inorder to get the variable screen with default value please follow below steps:

  • Open query in Query Designer
  • Goto characteristic for which you want to create variable with default value
  • Right click on that characteristic and choose "Restrict"

  • A new pop-up screen to create variable comes up

  • After that choose "Variables" from dropdown
  • Now create the variable following below screen

  • Now goto tab "Default Values"
  • Click on "Change Default Values"
  • Select the value you want to appear as default value in variable screen

Save the query and execute.

You will now have the variable screen with default value.

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