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KBAs/Notes released/updated on May/June 2015


The purpose of this document is to provide a list of KBAs/Notes that were released/updated on May/June 2015.


62988Service packs for MS SQL Server
1145221JDBC driver exchange to Microsoft JDBC Driver
555223FAQ: Microsoft SQL Server
1544360MSSQL: SQL Error 402 during database compression with report MSSCOMPRESS
1552392MSSQL: Transactions DB02 and ST04 fail with "Database '' does not exist" or "In
1558087SQL Server Statistics Maintenance
1583335MSSQL: Incorrect syntax near keyword 'key' in developer traces
1585966Code injection vulnerability in RSMSSPARTDRIV_FORMS with Basis Release 6.40 (#1
1596753Could not load file or assembly when using the SQL Server Management Studio
1601608How to access an external Microsoft SQL Server database
1609770Tracing database queries executed by sapinst, SWPM or SAP Tools for SQL Server
1644499Database connectivity from Linux to SQL Server
1645041FAQ: Microsoft SQL Server logins and their usage in SAP environment
1644991SQL error 15063
1647670Errors due to deferred transaction with MS SQL Server
1648817Disallow Page Level Locks for Microsoft SQL Server
1649078Disabling autostats for certain tables with Microsoft SQL Server
1649349Unable to find MSP file applying SP3 for Microsoft SQL Server 2005
1651862Release planning for Microsoft SQL Server 2012
1674075MSSQL: Database import with R3load fails with: ERROR: unknown template variable
1660220Microsoft SQL Server: Common misconceptions
1667685Correction needed for MSS_FORMAT_RELEASE
1670649MSSQL: sapinst fails in step ExeProcs at stored procedure sap_z_collector for S
1676665Setting up Microsoft SQL Server 2012
1681476sapdbctrl list throws exception
1683385MSSQL: Manually exporting and importing Microsoft SQL Server tables
1693672sapdbctrl list: instance not displayed
1733195Microsoft SQL Server version and download list
1735624MSSQL: SQL Error 3930 shortly after midnight
1743072MSSQL: Login for java stack user SAP<SID>DB fails
1744025Index creation in SE14 fails with incorrect syntax near keyword with
1744217MSSQL: Improving the database performance
1747875MSSQL: Performance problems when accessing certain tables
1760299MSSQL: Special characters appear damaged on database level
1765304MSSQL: SQL error "-2146892976" / SSPI Handshake failed
1768312DBIF_DSQL2_SQL_ERROR when accessing external SQL Server after kernel upgrade
1768363Transaction log file still appears in monitoring transactions after deletion
1790349How to deinstall the SQL Server 2008 (R2) Management Tools only
1788862SQL Error 15406 Principal "sa" does not exist in transactions DB02, SM21, ST11
1803687SQL Error 7139: Length of <datatype> data to be replicated exceeds configured m
1820535Unspecified error occurred in GET_RAT_VERSION(2) or SMSS_SYST_SETUP(2)
1834490SAP_COLLECTOR_FOR_PERFMONITOR fails with SQL Error 512
1834785Cannot use Large Page Extensions:  lock memory privilege was not granted.
1879841R3load: syntax error on export of splitted tables
1926582SQL error 0 when connecting to both IBM DB2 and SQL Server from Linux
1952968Can a non-sap usage database be added in the existing SAP SQL Server enviroment
1966701Setting up Microsoft SQL Server 2014
1966681Release planning for Microsoft SQL Server 2014
2114876Release Planning SAP BW for SQL Server Columnstore
2155771DBACOCKPIT - SQL error 208: Invalid object name 'sap_get_para'.
2052771MSS: Additional Information – Software Update Manager 1.0 SP13
2109404Signal 11 in DBCON connections to SQL Server
2115516Continuous growth of the tempdb transaction log in SQL Server
2116639SQL Server 2014 Columnstore documentation
2144575An improved prefer_join method for FOR ALL ENTRIES
2149905Error in DBACOCKPIT when statements contain comments with a filename path
2152992sapdbctrl: Login failed for user domain\host$
2154018SQL error SQL code -1: Invalid Descriptor Index
2155097Possible Loss of Decimal Accuracy Extracting Data on Linux from SQL Server
2155071Error when executing script sap_create_clr_objects
2173632Clarification of Core based licensing
2186781CREATE UNIQUE INDEX terminated because a duplicate key


1588547MSSQL: RZ20 and/or SQL Server Setup Check report "There are different versions
1648566How to collect a blocking lockstats history in transaction DBACockpit
1899404SQL errors 15250 and 15234 appear in the system log
1664359RZ20: Rebuilding the MS SQL Server Monitoring Tree
1665356MSSQL: Update Tabstats job fails with SQL Error 15250
1803619Database Extractor Setup fails with: Wrong number of input parameters [sap_set_
1736430SAP CCMS Cleanup Saplocks SQL Agent job is missing
1741937MSSQL: Finding all tables and indexes which were created within a specific time
1743611SQL Server Setup Check reports: "Triggers not from SAP are not supported!"
1744830How to reset DBACockpit settings in order to rerun the Solution Manager Wizard
1835477MSS: Single Table Analysis causes error CX_SY_STRUCT_COMP_TYPE
2153963DBACOCKPIT (DB13 and DB12) not working correctly with SQL Server AlwaysOn and M
2174759Data is not sorted in DBACOCKPIT SQL Statements
2176849Invalid column name in sap_get_dvm_table_sizes
2177932DB02 Transaction - Authorization Error
683447SAP Tools for MS SQL Server
1526169SQL4SAP.vbs fails with WMI error (Windows Management Instrumentation)
1541738Creating a modified 6.40 Installation Master DVD
1768319Installing MS SQL Server fails with: Error 1639 Invalid command line argument


2029797Support for Flat Cube on Microsoft SQL Server
2153188SQL Error 35377
2164234MSS Prerequisite note: CL_RSMSS_SWITCH
2167992SQL Error 8152 During BW Cube Compression

KBAs/Notes that belongs to other components but are related to SAP NetWeaver on SQL Server:

BC-INS888210NW 7.**: System copy (supplementary note)
BC-UPG-TLS-TLJ2169201SUM fails in GRANT-SHADOW-PRIVILEGES phase when using MSSQL database
BW-BEX-OT-DBIF1557321Numeric Overflow during standard BW processes
BW-SYS-DB2168105Conversion from star to flat InfoCube may create compressed records with duplic
BC-CCM-MON1265134DBA Cockpit: Connection of a remote database
BC-DB1602869Bad performance when using transaction SE16 or SE16N to browse data
BC-DB-DB61951491Minimal DB system platform requirements for SAP NetWeaver 7.4 SP08
BC-DB-DB6-CCM2067630DBA Cockpit: Missing authorizations during administration of jobs and scripts
SV-BO-DB706478Preventing Basis tables from increasing considerably

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