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SAP SLT Monitoring with Solution Manager 7.1


In this document I will explain how to setup and configure Solution Manager 7.1 in order to monitor SAP SLT component to receive alert.

For this configuration the following Solution manager’s scenario will be configured:

  • Technical Monitoring for SLT

In order execution

  • Install required add-on on in SLT for Solution Manager integration
  • Register STL system in Solution Manager
  • Configure technical monitoring in Solution Manager for SLT

Guide used

SAP SLT Monitoring

Setup connection Monitoring and Alerting

Note oss used

2081759 - Monitoring of SLT systems in Solution Manager using the System Monitoring application

1878184 - ST-PI: SAP HANA Download function module > ST-PI SP 08

1985402 - Requirements and Corrections for Collecting HANA Service Data

Architecture overview in place

Install required add-on on in SLT for Solution Manager Integration

In order to make the STL server compliant to work with Solution Manager, the add-on ST-PI 2098_1 700 SP6 or higher + ST-A/PI 01P or higher are required on
the SLT server.

The ST-A/PI is missing in my case so I deploy it.

Once installed “I also did updated SP-PI component

Run the program RTCCTOOL and make sure that all is green

Register SLT system in Solution Manager

The necessary add-on installed, the SLT can be register in Solution Manager if not already done, in can be done by RZ70 transaction and check in LMDB. When registered add the specific SLT component to the product instance “this step is mandatory”

Now registered I configure the system in Solman

After the creation of the rfc destination, the standard role for the read rfc needs to be copied and object needs to be added to it.

Make a copy of the following role and add the extra object

Valorize the authorized object with the following value

Once all configured here is the result

Configure technical monitoring in Solution Manager for SLT

Note: Before doing the config make sure you installed the SMD agent and the hostagent

All the connection made, I can now configure the template to use according the STL system.
In order to assign it and configure I go on “Technical Monitoring” and fast forward to step4 “Template maintenance” and “Edit” to set it

Because I want to use my own template I’ll create a new one

The tab in red square are among the most important, because this is where we set “metrics” “even” and “alert”

To receive notification when an issue rises up, set my template for “Automatic notification = Active” and set the recipients

Once set I define the scope “Step 5” for my system only

And I set the monitoring template “step 6” for my system. Do not for get to “Save and Activate”

Status once activated

Activate the reporting “Step 7” and complete the monitoring task

The monitoring setup is completed, now let’s go on the system monitoring and see what we currently have.

We can see now the status in error of table, trigger and so on

For the SLT Table Status error above I did receive an alter in my mail box

This is easy to put in place and can be adjusted anytime regarding your needs.


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