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Post Installation (Configuration) Steps for SAP hybris Marketing Executive Dashboard (Release 1511+1602)


IAfter the installation of the required software component for the Marketing Executive Dashboard in SAP hybris Marketing, two additional steps must be carried out:

1. You have to import the configuration file for the SAP Smart Business, executive edition. In this document you can find the necessary file for the dashboard configuration. To import the file into your system please follow the description in the Installation guide ( -> Installation) of Smart Business, executive edition, which can be found in the SAP Help Portal.

2. For the KPIs Brand Awareness, Leads, Opportunities, Pipeline Acceleration, Market Share, Net Promoter Score, Sales Pipeline, Converted Pipeline, Revenue, Return on Marketing Investment, Sales Forecast, Web Visits, Web Downloads the underlying business data must be uploaded from external sources. This can be achieved by using CSV-files in a certain format. In this document one can find files for examples of that business data. These files can used to set up a demo or test-environment, but cannot be used for productive use .
To do so, please follow the description in the Installation and/or Application Operations-Guide which can be found on the help portal


- If you are using SBEE Release 1509 you have to use the Content File available from this link.

- The sample data files (hybris Marketing 1511 or 1602) can be downloaded from this link.