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Design Studio SDK: Facet Selector Component



Do you want to select as in a web shop? With facet selector component you can.

This component is very similar to the Design Studio SDK: Facet Filter Component, has different visualization and can help you in applications where you want to filter down based on the information "how many members are there"?

Show Case

You want to have simple filtering. It is basically listing the dimensions (from result set or all or custom) and all members. you have options for sorting based on value, count, alphabet.

When selected (clicked) the member will be filtered and you can drill down in your data set.

Some animation:

The new 2.0 release Additional Properties

As this is one of the components based on the 2.0 release generation framework, also the additional properties are now nice.

How to setup for usage

The functions and properties are similar to the Facet Filter. Also the functions which you need to connect to the data source changes are same. Refer to the blog: Design Studio SDK: Facet Filter Component

Other Goodies

For this component, the members are also counted - the same function is available now in Facet Filter component. Check it out (and Facet Filter is now also in 2.0 release with better additional properties.

Download & Use

This component is available on the community package, release 2.0 for Design Studio 1.5, as in SCN Design Studio SDK Development Community

Example as BIAPP:

org-scn-design-studio-community/applications · GitHub



Component List - SCN Design Studio Community -> look for the component in the list.

Any thoughts?

feel free to add as usual...

Enhancements Ideas?

if you have good ideas (to those who would like to contribute but cannot code...) - place an "issue" with tag "enhancement" under Issues · org-scn-design-studio-community/sdkpackage · GitHub

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