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SAP HANA Features that may get Outdated


This is Part 1 of the series. The below features are now pretty old and I am sure that most of you maybe aware of the same. You may visit Part 2 for the latest set of features that are deprecated.

I want to create a single point repository to list the features that are moving towards "obsolete"  tag in SAP HANA Studio.

These features may still be available to use however they are discouraged from being used in various ways.

It is extremely important to know what maybe outdated in the future, before you start a project because the Architect will be able to factor these into the Design document and ensure that the codes are not getting outdated before shipping out to the customer or setting the system live!

I want to progressively update this document, so now I set a framework for the same. Any contributions will be warmly accepted and due credits given.

Bookmark this page to ensure you keep getting updates as and when I make additions to this document.

CE Functions Deprecated - Calculation Engine (CE) Functions - Rest in Peace

Use Project Explorer to Create Tables, Views, Procedures

Creating Tables, Database views, Procedures using SQL Editor is a thing of the past. From SP7 (Refer to HANA Developer Guide), these are now created through the Project Explorer after checking out the Server folders through Repository.

Read PreConditions mentioned in this document to get information on how to Checkout a Repository & create a Project Explorer in SAP HANA Development Prespective HANA Development: XS OData Services

.procedure DEPRECATED -

In continuation with the above point of "Use Project Explorer...." , when you use File -> New -> File and use the Wizard to create procedures, .procedure usage is now being discouraged with a "(deprecated)" remark directly available on the HANA studio.

Rather you need to use the .hdbprocedure as in this blog New SQLScript Features in SAP HANA 1.0 SPS7

In the HANA Studio, go to HANA Development perspective, click on File on the top left corner and follow steps below

When you select Stored Procedure you can see the following drop downs


More information will be shortly added to this blog and continuously updated. Please bookmark to be in loop.

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