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SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization

Multi resource scheduling heuristics


Multi resource scheduling heuristics for SCM APO PPDS

Multi-resource scheduling heuristic (SAP_MULT_SCH) to switch modes and sources of supply according to defined time blocks, so as to keep the receipts as close to the required date as possible.

Multi-resource scheduling provides the following advantages:

a)      Complies better with due dates

b)      Supports finite production planning scenarios with all alternative resources

c)       Allows alternative resources to be modeled using not only modes but also alternative sources of supply

            The orders are scheduled in alternative modes, and different sources of supply are chosen after the switch over time when the heuristic is executed..The user will be able to run the heuristics on selecting resource or product and obtain the results. The customers mainly use this DS Planning board whenever they run this multi-resource scheduling heuristics so that it is easier for them to view the orders at operations level. Also if there are any of the orders which need to be rescheduled it can be done so by using this DS Planning board.

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