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SAP Cloud for Customer add-ins

Steps to allow MIME Types in C4C


Mime (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) Types describe the content type of different files exchanged over the internet, like word documents, xls files, HTML content and so on.

There is a setting in C4C that tells the system of all the MIME Types that the system can accept through various interfaces like incoming emails. Any MIME Type content that is not allowed in this setting is blocked by C4C.

Based on your business needs, you might want to scan through all the allowed MIME Types and see if some more could be allowed.

These are the steps to view/change the MIME settings in the system:

1. Go To Business Configuration Work Center-> click on Implementation Projects

2. Select the project – “First Implementation” and click on Open Activity List Button

3. On the subsequent screen, click on “Fine Tune” Button

4. In the Find text box, type MIME and hit on “Go”

NOTE: If the column “In Project” is No, click on button "Add to Project" (it will be visible instead of "Remove from Project" in the screenshot above) to make the setting editable.

5. Select the Row and click Open. All the MIME types that are allowed on this screen can be used in emails.

In case you want to add a MIME Type that is not part of the default list, you can click on "Add Row" at the top of the list and add the MIME Type.