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SCM APO PPDS: Object dependencies


Object dependencies :

Object dependencies are used to do the following.

a) Describe the interdependencies between characteristics and characteristic values

b) Control which components are selected from a bill of material (BOM) and which operations are selected from a task list

c) Change the values of fields in BOM items and operations during configuration

Dependency Types:

The SAP System supports the following types of dependencies:

a) Preconditions

b) Selection conditions

c) Procedures

a) Preconditions

Preconditions are to hide characteristics and characteristic values that are not allowed and thereby ensure that the configuration of an object is consistent.

You can allocate preconditions to the following objects:

A characteristic that you want to hide

A characteristic value that you want to hide

b) Selection conditions

Selection conditions  ensure that all the objects relevant to a variant are selected:

Selection conditions determine which variants require a specific component or operation

Selection conditions determine when it is mandatory to assign a value to a characteristic

You can allocate selection conditions to the following objects:


BOM items

Operations in task lists


Sequences of operations

Production resources/tools

c) Procedures

Procedures are used to infer values for characteristics – they are like actions in this respect

Procedures can be assigned to the following objects:

i. The characteristic value that triggers the procedure

ii. The characteristic that triggers the procedure

iii. The configuration profile of the configurable object

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