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SAP BusinessObjects Explorer

Passing Parameters to Explorer Infospaces


For Novice & intermediate Explorer Users.

This document is for those who want to pass parameter(s) to explorer infospace (just like the way we pass opendoc parameters to Web-I or Crystal).

Typical use case would be that you have a report or a dashboard from where you want link the explorer infospace and you want to customize the filters based on the link clicked (for example say by year or by region)

First, using the eFashion universe(UNV) we will build a small explorer infospace with the following measures/facets included.

  1. Sales Revenue, Margin (Measures)
  2. Year, State, Store Name, Category (Dimensions)

Index the explorer infospace and when you open the infospace it should something similar to the below screenshot.

Log on to CMC or BI Launchpad and get the CUID of the document by right clicking on the IS and Selecting Properties.

Below are the examples of the hyperlink where we can pass different parameters. You have to replace <<Your Server>> with your server name and <<Your CUID>> with the cuid that you got from the above step.

Passing Simple Parameters:

http://<<Your Server>>:8080/explorer/index.jsp?isid=<<Your CUID>>&fans=Year_:_2006_;_State_:_DC_]_California

Passing Parameters with spaces in Values:

http://<<Your Server>>:8080/explorer/index.jsp?isid=<<Your CUID>>&fans=Year_:_2006_;_State_:_DC_]_California_]_New%20York

Choosing the measure to be Highlighted:

http://<<Your Server>>:8080/explorer/index.jsp?isid=<<Your CUID>>&fans=Year_:_2006_;_State_:_DC_]_California&mens=Margin

Passing a search term as a parameter:

http://<<Your Server>>:8080/explorer/index.jsp?isid=<<Your CUID>>&fans=Year_:_2006_;_State_:_DC_]_California_]_New%20York&mens=Margin&secr=wear

Specifying chart type:

http://<<Your Server>>:8080/explorer/index.jsp?isid=<<Your CUID>>&fans=Year_:_2006_;_State_:_DC_]_California_]_New%20York&mens=Margin&cht=p

Specifying the Analysis Dimension:

http://<<Your Server>>:8080/explorer/index.jsp?isid=<<Your CUID>>&fans=Year_:_2006_;_State_:_DC_]_California_]_New%20York&mens=Margin&cht=p&chdi=Category