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SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office

Whats New In Analysis Office 2.1

Hi All,

Here are the glimpse of features available in Analysis Office 2.1 and a short description for it. Detailed discussions follows soon

Common client for Analysis Office and EPM Add-in :

          •   Now analysis Office and EPM Add-in present in same installer
          •   You can see two ribbons tabs for Analysis Office and EPM

          • Common refresh for both Analysis Office & EPM data sources:

          • Sheet by Sheet : You can choose the sheet to be of which type, either Analysis Office or EPM

Formula Editor :

                    We can create local formulas for measures using New calculation dialog


Restricted Measures in HANA :

                        You can restrict HANA measures based on Dimension member selection

Table Design API :

                 APIs are provided to design table with new empty lines and  styles for any cell

                 You can follow Alexander Peter blog :

Pre-calculation 2.x:

                         A separate BIP add-on installer for 2.x workbooks to make use of 2.1 features during scheduling

Message Handling :

                      we can hide system displayed messages

                      we can also add messages to end users

Logon/Off API :

                    API is provided for Logoff the data source from system connection

Hierarchy :

               All hierarchies for dimension grouped under Hierarchies node in task panel, you can expand the node to see all hierarchies

          After selection on any hierarchy below property page will display for it

System Replacement :

          You can follow Enhancement for System Replacement in 2.0 SP3

Save View :

          You can also save query view using Save view option

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Thanks & Regards,