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SAP Labs France is running greener!


Since 2014, SAP Labs France made great efforts to reduce its global carbon footprint. The first step was obtaining the ISO14001 certification. The Labs successfully passed the ISO14001 audit thanks to the great job of Ana Monzier and Cedric Lopez.

To continue and improve sustainable actions and project, the Lab set up a Green Team. The Team set new goals for 2015 to meet the corporate, national and local environmental requirements. 2015 is dedicated to sustainable transportation, specifically E-Mobility.

What does E-mobility mean? Why E-mobility?

E-mobility concerns transportation means that are less impacting the environment, consumming less energy and natural resources.  It includes electric & Hybrids cars, bike...  but also public transport and carpooling.

SAP Labs decides to focus on transportation because it does have a significant impact on the environment. Reducing the impact of transportation is among the most effective ways to improve our carbon footprint. SAP Labs France already made significant reduction in the pas thanks to the “home-working”policy, allowing employee to work from home 2 days per week. Nonetheless, we decided to reinforce our effort and improve our carbon footprint by encouraging employee to use more sustainable transportation means for private and professional journey/purpose.


  • Increase usage of greener transportation means as electric cars, bicycles, public transport and carpooling.
  • Raise awareness on green transportation and responsible driving behavior.
  • Increase the number of Electric cars of our vehicle park.

To achieve the target, SAP Labs France organized many activities from the beginging of the year such as an E-car test drive to test the new ZOE by Renault and an E-Bike discovery day. The two event had a great success.

6 new ZoE by Renault @the labs

The labs also offered an attractive Electric Company Car package. All together, 5 employees were convinced to go for a ZoE as a Company Car. As well, the labs acquired a Zoe as a Pool Car to be more visible in the Sophia Antipolis Park and to encourage employee to do carpooling.

The Labs is also installing new facilities to plug the E-Cars. The 6 electric terminals are now ready to be used. We only wait the delivery of the 6 Zoe by Renault! Launch of the new instalation is coming very soon! keep posted!

Ride to Work Initiative

The Labs employees show also a great enthousiams for the Ride to Work initiative. In january, a SAP Labs France Cycling club was creating organizing many of activities such as bike tours to discover safe commuting pathway from neighboring villages to SAP Labs. The last ride t work session was a morning trip from Biot to the labs. Around 15 participants commuted that days.

Next Steps for sustainability

In September, the labs will organize a car pooling test to encourage employee from the more distant city such as Nice to commute together by allowing them to use the Pool Car Zoe. Next year, the Labs will focuses on waste management and try to implement the SAP “Zero Waste Strategy”, by Reducing, Reusing and Recycling our waste, especially paper and organic waste.

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