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BW Business Explorer (SAP BEx)

BookMark Layout is not correct


In the Java web Report, You find that the Bookmarks/favorites layout is not correct.

Example: You see the cell boxes expanded with more white Space


1. Execute the Bookmark/Favorites in the Java Portal

2. You see that the layout of the Bookmark is not correct. The Cell Boxes are expanded as shown below


This issue happens when you have changed the template of the Bookmark

Example : Width and height of the Web Items

There could be also multiple changes which results in the issue

Explanation :

As specified in the note 1089447, any changes to the underlying template or query of the bookmark is not supported and may cause unexpected results.

When a bookmark is created, the bookmark stores the state of all web items and data provider in a XML format. When any change is done to the structure of the underlying template or query, the state of web items on a template cannot be restored correctly and hence unexpected results might be seen.

If you create a new bookmark, you can check that all states are being stored correctly and it is only the old bookmarks which would be showing this behavior.

Resolution :

Create new bookmarks for theĀ  bookmarks which are affected by the issue.

You can also consider using RSWR_BOOKMARK_ADJUST report specified in the note 1408383, (Bookmark mass change report) and try to fix the existing bookmarks

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