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SAP Customer Activity Repository rapid-deployment solution as a Virtual Appliance

With the SAP HANA Customer Activity Repository rapid-deployment solution, you can get a fully pre-configured solution with pre-built analytices based on SAP Smart Business and SAP Lumira that can be used to quickly understand the solution and the scope of the SAP Customer Activity Repository. As a virtual appliance in the SAP Cloud Appliance Library it also provides the possibility to deploy it on your own public cloud account.

Let's take a look into what it takes to set up your own Instance for development.

Getting Started - Joining Partner Edge

    • We have adopted for this Bring your own Licenses model, if you have appropriate licenses for SAP Customer Activity Repository then you can simply proceed and get the solution via SAP Cloud appliance library without any additional license cost.
    • However if you dont have the required license we recommend to get started by joining the SAP Partner Edge program for Application Development, This comes along with certain Innovation packs which provides the license required for the development. More information on

Subscribing to Cloud Appliance Library.

    • SAP Customer Activity Repository is offered for application development to Partners via SAP Cloud Appliance Library. As the name suggests SAP Cloud Appliance Library is a collection of various pre-configured SAP Solutions that are available and can be deployed by Partners and Customers on the Cloud provider of their choice.
    • Partners need to subscribe to SAP Cloud Appliance Library by purchasing the subscription via SAP Store. There are various offering depending on the no. of instances that can be created simultaenously.

Get the Virtual Appliance.

    • The Solution can be deployed on a third party cloud provider of your choice. SAP Customer Activity Repository in particular is available on Amazon Webservices.
    • Your Amazon account needs to be associated with your SAP Cloud Appliance Library account to get the solution deployed on your AWS third party cloud provider.
    • Under the Solutions tab search for SAP Customer Activity Repository 1.0 SP1 - Developer Edition for Partner Solution, click on "Activate" to get your solution activated.

Create your Instance.

    • Once the solution is activated an Instance can be created from it.
    • Follow the Guided Procedure to get your instance, It takes approximately an hour to prepare the instance and ready to use.


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