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SAP Mentors

Validated SAP Mentors Quotes


Hi everyone,

I wanted to start a document where we can capture quotes about the SAP Mentor Program.

What is an appropriate quote?

  1. It is in some way supportive of the program.
  2. It was approved, in writing, by the person who said it may be used in mentor communications.
  3. The person who said it is listed with the quote and their official title is also included.
  4. We have the approximate date when it was said.

Please add quotes that are appropriate to the list below.

Who said it?When (approximately)?What did they say?

Dr. Stefan Sigg, Senior Vice President, SAP



“These discussions with the SAP Mentors are extremely valuable input to the roadmap for SAP Analytics. They are the sounding board that helps shape the future of what SAP delivers to make our customers more successful.”

Erik Lillestolen, SAP Solution
Product Manager, Cisco Systems, Inc.

SAPPHIRE NOW 2015“The time we spent with the SAP Mentors this morning exceeded our expectations. Their knowledge about what is happening in the SAP market and cloud activities helps us maintain a responsive Cisco roadmap that delivers valuable products and services to our customers. They truly are a voice of the customers, based on their wealth of real life SAP experience.”
Irfan Khan, CTO, SAP Global Customer OperationsSAPPHIRE NOW 2015“You guys are the true practitioners in the field, who are really using and experiencing our products. It is important that you be equally invested in the transformation that SAP is undergoing. S/4 HANA is a revolutionary approach and we need your expertise and support to help make the change.”

Jeremy Evanchesky, Database
Administrator at Polk County Public Schools

SAPPHIRE NOW 2015"Matt Fraser's blog cut through all of the required documentation, and streamlined the process for my particular environment with only minor modifications. My installation was simplified by at least two thirds. It eliminated the need to hunt through information that was not relevant to my environment, pointed out possible pitfalls, and included how to correct common issues."
Bill Waterson, Vice President, CapgeminiMay 13, 2015, based on work done with Chris Kernaghan

"I am a strong advocate of the SAP Mentor programme.  At a time when the pace of change from SAP is so high, with the corresponding transformation opportunities for our customers, having a network of hands-on experts who can help you find what you need quickly and easily is a godsend.  I am lucky in that all the Mentors I have worked with, in addition to having deep technical expertise, have been approachable and able to translate “tech speak” into concepts more relevant for those with a less technical background."

Jayne Landry, Global VP & GM, Business Intelligence, SAP

May 5, 2015


"Thanks @SAPMentors for a great session today! Super valuable and insightful, as always."
Vijay Vijayasankar, Vice President and Partner at IBM Global Business Services, focusing on Big data and analyticsMarch 20, 2015, based on wishing Marilyn Pratt and Mark Finnern the best in their future endeavors

“I have no doubt in my mind that Mentor program has served SAP really well over the years – more than anything else, it is a much needed and invaluable reality check on how the ecosystem perceives SAP.  Each and every mentor does something unique that adds value to the SAP community and to SAP the company.”

Peter Spielvogel, Director, SAP Product MarkeringNovember 24, 2015, TechEd Berlin"@Steve Rumsby of University of Warwick who demoed his “Personas Bubble” cockpit in a couple of expert sessions and also served as a teaching assistant in the Berlin hands-on sessions. Steve Rumsby was also interviewed by Denis Browne about how he has used SAP Screen Personas at the University. We all appreciate Steve’s willingness to share his knowledge and experience. He has certainly earned his SAP Mentor status" TechEd 2014 Summary - SAP Screen Personas, Fiori, and the simplified UX

Michael Bliemel, PhD, MMS, BSc (Eng)

Professor in Management Information

Technology, Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship Department Coordinator

SAP University Alliances Faculty Coordinator

Rowe School of Business

Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

PO Box 15000

(902) 494-6249

June 6, 2015

SAP mentors provide an invaluable service to businesses by teaching SAP Software how-to’s not only at TechEds, but also throughout the year with their many blog and forum postings.
Mentors put in a lot of passion into crafting their community contributions to be interesting and informative to a wide spectrum of LoB users, which is why professors in the SAP University Alliances use mentor developed materials as sources to develop curriculum for business and IT classes which give students a chance to apply theory and gain practical hands-on skills that set them apart in the job market. Learning how to use software is not particularly easy, yet the Mentors are able to leverage their experience and networks to create engaging examples of what can be done with SAP tools in a fresh way. It takes real dedication and insight to make learning how to use software exciting, and mentors have figured out how to do it! The mentor program is a crucial part of the SAP ecosystem that  greatly reduces the time and complexity for adopting new products in comparison to all the other vendors that we have worked with.

@Bjoern Goerke

EVP & Corporate Officer P&I Technology


June 17 via Twitter in conversation with @Robin van het HofThanks to the mentors like you to amplify the message and giving first-hand honest and educated feedback to what we're doing! Very important!
Kristen Cordell-Labarge, Senior Director and Head of Global Support Center North America (East), SAP SEAugust 2015“Thanks SAP Mentors for openly sharing your experience! Your candid feedback from the SAP community is valuable for us to further improve our Support services based on customers’ requirements, and thus help us to make our customers best-run businesses. We are looking forward to a close and continuous collaboration!”
Andy Cobbold, Global Vice President and Head of Global Support Center North America (West), SAP SEAugust 2015“Thanks to the SAP Mentors for their passionate feedback and engagement! The SAP Mentors work with SAP solutions on a day-to-day basis and most of them are users of the Support service we provide. With a lot of what they have to say they really want to help and be involved in the solution. They are providing specific rather than generic feedback which allows us to take targeted actions. Therefore, we will continue the engagement with this group on a regular basis.”